Hello Telephones

by kiva-murphy in Barcelona

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English:Lecoq style physical theatre show, following two clowns attempting to work in a telephone exchange! Dark, comic, Barcelona based...

by kiva-murphy in Barcelona



So we are two actress/clown girls living in Barcelona, we met studying in the Lecoq school of Estudis Berty Tobias, one from Ireland, the other from Portugal

We made a show together, and it seemed to work well, so we kept doing it, and people liked it- but they were not really paying for it to happen... We called our company Can Ducks Fly...still no money made

So we took it to Portugal, and London, still not really making any money with a 20 minute show

So we decided to take it seriously and hire a professional director from Finger in the Pie, and with his help we are making it a one hour show that we can sell everywhere.. and TAKE OVER THE WORLD


This is where we need your help, we have to pay him, and we seriously believe in the project, but a little help would mean the world to us, Thank you, thank you. 


Nos conocimos en la escuela de teatro en Paris y Barcelona, donde empezamos a crear proyectos juntas. Desde el clown y la musica que son dos grandes aficciones eligimos trabajar a fondo este espectaculo tornando posible transformalo para una hora, con director, escenario, vestuario y espacio de ensayo por 14 dias! 

Volveremos a los ensayos para llegar al dia de presentarnos, orgullosas de nuestro trabajo, en Portugal, Espanya, Francia, Londres, Irlanda, Brasil, Antartida, Jupiter y mas alla! 

Nos gustaria pedir vuestra atencion para un pequeno regalo de vuestra parte. Desde 0,50 cent hasta los 2000€. Cualquer trocito de contribuicion es bien venida al ayuda a realizar nuestra meta!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

£1 Reward

A stunning smile on a Friday morning, best way to start the wekend

£2 or more

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the smile that you get for giving 1 euro, and an extra bonus of half a box of biscuits

£6 or more

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a cup of tea on our roof terrace at sunset, and possibly biscuits

£11 or more

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A thank you message in four languages, on whats app, facebook messenger, possibly a recorded message as well, and make a pigeon?

£22 or more

£22 Reward

The best seat in the house to see the show, a drink after the show in the bar, a printed poem on high class paper typed out on a real typewriter

£40 or more

£40 Reward

A home cooked meal, in your house by two girls, and the music of your choosing. And of course it will be delicious. And of course the dinner will be great. and the music will be perfect

£80 or more

£80 Reward

the home cooked ( 4 course) meal, two tickets for the show and a personalised song written about you, for you on the accordion and the guitar, (can be recored and sold on for no extra fee!)

£105 or more

£105 Reward

Seriously, the biggest hug ever, all of the above and an added bonus of a Thank you in the programme ( that does not exist yet) and you will be awarded a patron of the arts award... one to keep forever!

£125 or more

£125 Reward

Seriously, if you donate this much, we will have to come up with something incredible to get you- it will be worth it!

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