Hello Hot Tubs: The Movie

Hello Hot Tubs: The Movie

Hello Hot Tubs: The Movie documents the work of three young lads who hire out Hot Tubs in a quest for World Domination.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Movie

Here at Hot Tubs we see some things. We see the glamorous and the not so glamorous, the funny, the sad and the happy.

Rigging the car up with two go pro cameras would lead to some pretty funny footage. Give it a few months and we'll mash it all together and deliver to you the best 60 minutes of your life.


The People

Jack Spring - All round Genius.

Joe Edward - Leed's finest specimen for many a year.

Bevan Hollingworth - Making up numbers.

Ben Froughi - Driver and maths man.


The Plea

Supporting us will allow the world behind the curtains of the Hello Hot Tubs empire as we strive for World Domination. We'll be uploading regular teasers, highlights and lowlights from the journey along the way.


The Release

We're looking at a release date of January 7th 2016.