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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am raising money so that I can afford to write my books, TV scripts and my blog page, Helevision.

by Helen Gaskell in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

I have had a number of ideas for books, TV scripts and my own blog for years now, but finding the time to write these with a full time job has been in hospital. In February I took a chance and became self employed, however at the same time my Mum got very ill as did two of my grandparents and because I worked for myself I was available to go and stay with whoever needed me, help out, do hospital visits and just be there. My sister also recently had a baby and I went to stay with her for three weeks - so because of all this I have still had no time to get writing. I have been working where I can to pay the bills, so lots of early mornings and late nights and since March the longest time I’ve had at home has been one week. Everyone seems to be getting better now and I’d really like the means to be able to focus on making my business work and following my dreams! 

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