The Farrall Honeymoon Fund

by Naulus Madley in Saltney, Clwyd, Wales

The Farrall Honeymoon Fund
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Helen and Niall didn't want a wedding list. They have an interesting honeymoon planned. Any donations welcome!

by Naulus Madley in Saltney, Clwyd, Wales

Helen and Niall are very sensible and pragmatic (as well as utterly bonkers). They don't want presents. Especially not for the house. They've got two of many things!

They do have some suitably cool honeymoon holiday plans.  People asked if they could chip in, Niall was going to give out his bank details.

You should chip in. Do it. Dooooo it.

Let's make 'The Farrall Honeymoon Fund' happen