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Renovate and rejuvenate the oldest building in Clowne turning it into a fully functioning brewery to help bring life back to the village

We did it!

On 18th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £6,150 with 26 supporters in 35 days

Heist Craft was brought to life in 2016 when two self-declared gritty entrepreneurs were brought together by our incomprehensible hate of corporate life and existing passion for craft beer, joining forces to set up a craft export business in June of 2016. Working with smaller independent breweries up and down the UK we realised what an exuberant industry we were getting into and this set further ideas in motion. 

From here there was just one decision and that was to get out of our jobs at any cost and fall balls deep into the world of Craft beer, which is when we began to look for office space, however for the cost of an office along with initial set up costs it made sense to increase our income by opening a bottleshop as we already had the contacts in Craft.  This then quickly escalated into a bottleshop and bar idea after the perfect property fell into our hands that is based in Clowne, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.


Since opening our first craft bar and bottleshop in April 2017 we have collaborated on a number of beers with a number of brewers locally with others lined up with national and international brewers:

- Lost Industry - Black ForHeist Gateau, Cherry and Chocolate Milk Stout

- Neon Raptor - TyrannosaurHeist Rekt, Double IPA

- Emmaulaes - Passion of the Heist, Passion Fruit IPA

- Abbeydale - Coming soon

- Northern Monk - Coming Soon

This is as well as bringing both Thornbridge and Brewdog to Clowne for Tap takeovers and meet the brewers in 2017.  It is this ethos, that if you don't ask you don't get, that has propelled Heist into the craft industry with breweries now approaching us for collaborations, which is great.......The only problem being, we don't have our own brewery.  After 3 very successful months and positive feedback from the community of Clowne and the surrounding areas, and with more than enough space in the old stone built side of the building to house a 5BBL plant, capable of brewing up to 600Litres per week, ample space in the cellar underneath the building for cold store and storage and a 2 bedroom flat which would make a great place for people to stay over on brewing experiences and weekends away we have the perfect property and Location to launch Heist Brew Co.  Which is where you guys come in.......

Opposed to putting more money in the pockets of the greedy bankers we have opted to approach you the people, in return for some great rewards which far outweigh your investment, giving back to the community that has helped us grow so quickly.  Have a look at our funding amounts ranging from £25 - £2,500 each with their own unique rewards.

To give you an idea of how the funding will be used:

The renovations required include widening the door space, to allow us to easily move our stock and produce in and around the building, digging a water channel to enable water to be expelled from the brewery floor to outside, waterproofing the walls, floor and ceiling all in keeping with the character of the internal bar and maintaining the character of the external stone building.  New glass doors and emergency doors will need to be installed to ensure maximum security, also linking the bar to the brewery and the brewery to the outside which will allow people to see the brewing process from inside and outside.  There is also electrical work to install 3 phase which will allow us to keep up with the huge amount of electricity needed to operate the brewing equipment, and plumbing internally and externally which will allow us to ensure the brewing space is kept clean as well as enabling us to keep up with the large amounts of water required for each brew. We will need to build a secure cold store with air conditioning, fridge and freezer to house stock such as hops, grain and yeast and keep our beer in bottles and kegs at its best until point of sale. There is then the 5BBL brewery itself which will be housed in the renovated space brewing up to 1,055 pints, 1,818 330ml bottles per week which will be sold in the bar, distributed UK wide as well as eventually exported internationally.


As you will know if you have had the pleasure of meeting us or speaking to us, we are both passionate about everything that we do, and after the effort we have put into bringing a city centre bar and atmosphere to a small village, you can rest assured that we will put the same amount of effort and more into making the brewery a glowing success.  We will be looking to bring more than just great beer and brewers to Clowne we will be bringing business, employment and tourism, ensuring that Clowne is a place people recognise for its brewing prowess through the name Heist. 


Need any more convincing to support us here are the words of a few of Heists friends

"These guys live, breath and bleed craft beer! They literally wear it on their chest, Balls Deep in craft" - Josh Quantrill, Brewdog Sales Manager

"I'm a keen investor and have recently sent money to a Nigerian Prince. I highly recommend investing in Heist" - Nathan Tig Seaton, Lost Industry

"Heist Craft are no 'Clownes' when it comes to beer. These guys are the real deal, you would be foolish not to invest" - Stuart Pearson, James Clay Account Manager

"A craft bar with a brewery in my home town of Clowne! Let's not just go Balls Deep lets dig deep and make this happen!" - Dave Hemstock, Raw Brewing Co 

Should you need any more reassurance of who Heist are and what we are trying to achieve then feel free to check out our website:


*Please note that rewards that include gift packs, bottle cases or merchandise will only be delivered within to a 50-mile radius of Clowne, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Alternatively, these are available for collection from Heist or at locations in Sheffield and Chesterfield. Estimated delivery is based on T-shirt and Keyring reward, all other delivery timescales vary dependent on the reward Please contact us if you'd like to discuss.

Thanks for your time


Adam France & Daniel Hunt

Heist Craft

"Balls Deep in Craft"

Our rewards will ONLY be available to people aged 18 or over

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