Heed Fitness Apparel

by Matt Baker in Malvern, England, United Kingdom

Heed Fitness Apparel
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The business will provide high quality, fashionable, on trend fitness clothing to fitness enthusiasts.

by Matt Baker in Malvern, England, United Kingdom

What does Heed mean?

Heed is a synonym for "taking notice". Therefore, the brand name means to get noticed. 

Vision & Gap

The vision of the business is simple. People are looking for an alternative brand of fitness clothing that provides high quality and a sleek design. The market research we’ve conducted has highlighted that people believe the price point of brands such as GymShark is way too high (£29.99 for a T-Shirt). Therefore, this business will look to plug the gap in the middle of the market. Not low end, medium market target with high quality apparel and design.

The brand would initially launch with 3/4 lines. These would be marketed under ‘The’. So as an example, The Hoodie, The Stringer etc. This gives the brand the ability to market a ‘collectible’ and desirable item to the mass market.

Once the cash flow has increased, we would look to increase the range with different designs, patterns etc. All whilst maintaining that place market gap. 


The price-point of the business would be mid-range. An example of this would be:


Heed - (£17.99) Gym Shark (£29.99)


Heed - (£34.99) Gym Shark (£49.99)


The initial product designs have been completed and can be seen below. The response from fitness influencers and enthusiasts has been really positive with quotes such as "These looks quality", "these are so clean, love them".




Marketing Strategy

The strategy for marketing will be to utilise social media and fitness influencers to wear and "Collab" with the brand. The fitness influencers will post on social media wearing the brand and in return, they will be given free merchandise. E.G a Free T-Shirt for 2 social media posts. 

Utilising the money raised

The money raised will be used to ensure the flow of goods is maintained and also spent on social media sponsored ads. The inventory would need to have back-stock to ensure that orders can be fulfilled as soon as they come in. A supplier has been found, designs made and source checks completed. 

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