Hedgerows and Trees for Netherham Farm, Somerset

by kev.cook in Langport, Somerset, United Kingdom


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We want to plant 500m of hedgerow on a Somerset farm. The hedges will provide food and shelter for wildlife and capture greenhouse gases.

by kev.cook in Langport, Somerset, United Kingdom

Our family has been farming on this site in Somerset for over 100 years.  

The land has a rich history, being the home of a Roman Villa, a medieval church, a golf course, and a base for American Soldiers in World War 2.  

But now we are looking to the future. We believe that farming has an important role in helping create a greener, healthier, happier future for us all.  

In the last year, we have planted 30 new fruit trees in the orchard and scores more around the farm, including oaks, beeches, rowans and hazel.  

Now we need your help with the next step. Help us raise £600 to plant 500m of new hedgerows! 

Everyone knows the huge environmental benefits trees can bring.

Equally as important but often overlooked, is the humble hedgerow. Here’s what The Tree Council have to say about these ‘unsung heroes’: 

  • “Hedgerows are great for biodiversity – they provide food, shelter, habitat and vital corridors for a huge range of wildlife. They’re complex ecosystems in their own right and often the only habitat remaining in some wildlife sparse areas. 
  • They are climate emergency heroes. Not only do they absorb and store carbon dioxide emissions, they also help prevent damage from flooding, reduce water pollution and cool us down. 
  • Hedges help our towns and cities breathe by improving air quality and reducing noise pollution in built-up areas. They absorb pollution particles and can be especially important along roadsides for this reason. 
  • They are important to agriculture and in the green economy. Hedges provide shelter and shade for stock animals, support the amazing pollinators we need for crop production, improve soil health and much more! 
  • They improve our wellbeing – they give us birdsong, blossoms and berries, add richness to our lives and help us feel better. 
  • Hedges are part of our culture and heritage, making up a crucial thread in the rich tapestry of our country.”  

Any money raised above the target will be used to plant additional trees in the hedgerows, such as Field Maples and Oaks.  

Please support us and contribute to our 'hedge fund'!

Kev & Stu Cook

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