Heavy Metal Gym - fitness for all

by Pete Billington in Ilkley, England, United Kingdom

Heavy Metal Gym - fitness for all
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Help fund our appeal against Bradford council's decision to restrict Heavy Metal Gym from running affordable fitness classes for Ilkley.

by Pete Billington in Ilkley, England, United Kingdom

Heavy Metal Gym are proud of providing affordable fitness services to the Ilkley comminuty. Benefitting everyone from primary school children to pensioners and covering everything from martial arts to Zumba, the classes have been running for over a year and are well loved within the Ilkley community.

In respect to our neighbours, we have purposefully scheduled all classes after office hours  with the exception of the Pilates classes which run when the main gym is closed in a morning.

Despite providing photographic evidence that this results in our demand for parking spaces within Riverside Business Park being extremely low (especially during office hours) Bradford council have decided we shouldn't be allowed to continue any classes not involving weightlifting due to their view that parking provision is insufficient.

All who train at this gym know that parking is not an issue at Heavy Metal (one of the few places in Ilkley where this is actually true!) but unfortunately now we are left in a position where we have to appeal against this decision. Whilst this doesn't affect the main gym itself, sadly the people who will be most affected by this are children and the non-weightlifting class attendees who may lose their classes, along with the instructors who have worked so hard to build up these great facilities over the last year.

Help us employ professional help to make sure we put the best case forward to the appeal panel, and navigate through the minefield that is planning law. We already have the support of Ilkley Parish council, local GPs and other health professionals from the town. Hopefully with your help too we can continue to provide the Ilkley community with health and fitness services that are both high quality and without the typical "Ilkley Premium" cost.

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