Wainwright's Doodle Guides

by GCSE Revision Guides in Ilkley, England, United Kingdom

Wainwright's Doodle Guides
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I have written four GCSE English Literature revision guides. I need an advertising budget and money for a modern computer to make more.

by GCSE Revision Guides in Ilkley, England, United Kingdom

I have written four GCSE English Literature revision guides.

Search "Wainwright's Doodle Guide" on Amazon or follow this link: 


They are selling - slowly. An experiment earlier in the year showed that advertising on Amazon boosted sales tenfold. I need some help, please, with exploiting that effect further.

I also need help, please, with replacing the computer equipment that the first books were made on. It is eleven years old and hasn't the memory to cope with a new book, or to format ebook editions properly.

The revision guides have been widely tested and work well. They're beautiful and fun. Help me get more of them out there!

Thank you.

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