Heat our home

by Marie Hallett in 

Heat our home
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I would like to be able to afford to fit my home with a heating and hot water system as we currently have neither.

by Marie Hallett in

In 2004 I brought a house. I was left a little money and got a mortgage. It was somewhere for my daughter and I to start a fresh after my husband left me when she was just a few months old. 

I loved my house but it has no heating or hot water system. I always said that I would get it fitted. I’ve The next few years I worked hard as a single Mum. Doing 40 hours a week and my daughter in Nursery full time from 3 months old I just about managed to keep a roof over our heads. I work supporting families who face multiple and complex challenges in life. I love my job but hated that I would support these families to live happy healthy positive lives but would come home to my cold house. 

It’s 2018. I’m married and I have gained 2 step children. Our family has grown but I am still in the same house and as most people will appreciate we live to our means. My husband started a business 13 months ago and every penny that I had saved has supported us while he is setting up. I now have no savings and still no heating or hot water. Please don’t think we are having cold baths. We have a shower that is electric and so heats the water as we shower. 

I really would love to not have to spend my 15th year in this house with no heating and am wondering if there are people that would like to help us. 

I don’t earn a huge amount of money but am just above the threshold for a grant unfortunately. I have contacted various local charities but no one has been able to help as I don’t have a child under 1 or a disability. Every winter I sit in the freezing cold and swear it will be the last year but then the car will break down or my husband won’t have any work or the kids have a school trip and need new shoes and every time winter comes around I just feel awful that I’ve not managed to do something as simple as heat my home. 

I am such a sucker for people in need but never really consider myself in need. As I work with families I hate to see them go without the basics. This week alone I have paid for a clients prescription, brought £20 worth of food for a family and topped up their electric. It’s no wonder I don’t have any money but I hate to see people in such difficulties. 

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