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My name is Matthew Lambden. I am a choreographer/dance artist based in Birmingham, UK. I am also the Creative Director of HEART WORK - An international dance company that is focussed on creating the very best opourtinities for world wide dancers - We need your help to help create a much needed West Midlands based studio that serves as a creative hub for artists across the globe. 

In the past 3 years my company has organised over 200 industry professional workshops with some of the best talent the world has to offer, giving dancers around the globe access to the most incredible training at an affordable cost making it accessible to all. We have flown over 100 dancers to Los Angeles to live and train in one of the best cities in the world as part of our LA Dance Vacations that happen a couple of times a year, many of which are still living/working over there after securing professional contracts whilst on the trips. We have organised the UK Tour of some of the most influential choreographers working in the industry today including Tovaris Wilson, Miguel Zarate, Erica Sobol, Kiel Tutin, Rudi Smit and many more. We have become an active voice in the community and have a proven track record of trying to eradicate the Government cuts to the arts as well as taking a stand against the copious amounts of companies that pay artists an unacceptable wage.  

In 2013 - I used to manage a studio called Misfitted which in 4 months, I turned around from being a failing space to the literal epicentre of dance in the Midlands; if not the UK. In just 4 months I had changed the studio from being constantly empty into an always packed, vibrant, colourful space in which everyone who visited it, called it a home. It became the 'heart' of dance within the UK with people travelling from Europe to take classes there. We had teachers from all across the world email us asking to teach and there was a never before sense of community and family - In which Hip Hop dancers were taking contemporary classes and ballet dancers were hanging out with BBoys and everybody just enjoyed everyone else’s art form and the mutual respect and appreciation that poured out of the building was truly felt by the world. Unfortunately, the owner of the studio moved away to start a new life in a new place and therefore closed the studio. As a result of that, many teachers were left without jobs, many dancers were left without classes and the community broke apart. The once loving and caring family slowly became segregated and every dancer, choreographer, producer, director, teacher I have spoken to since has commented on how they wish they still had a 'Home'. 

Well....if not now, then when. 

Since the closure of Misfitted I have wanted to create a new home for dancers by creating a brand new multi use studio, however due to work contracts and also my want for more maturity and knowledge I have put it off until now. 

After months of perfecting my business plan - I have such an incredibly exciting idea of where I can take dance in the UK and create a space that understands what dancers want and need. The only problem is, it costs an awful lot of money to put something like this into action. 

I have found the perfect space in which I can transform into HEART WORKS brand new studio, however due to its size and current condition it will cost around £50,000 to complete the makeover; this covers things such as building repairs, studio floor, lots of paint, mirrors, a suitable sound system and many other things. 

I am asking for your support to please donate what you can to help this much needed studio come to life and in turn, help to re-build the strong dance community that the West Midlands truly needs. 

Your donation will help to build a home for dancers/artists who currently do not have one, who struggle to pay for expensive studio hire when they have an incredible idea they want to rehearse, or when they want to set up their own classes.  Your donation will help improve the quality of training people receive on a weekly basis, as instead of struggling to find a class that will help them including travelling miles out of the way, they will have a full timetable of professional classes right on their doorstep. Your donation will also help to build a space that will be giving FREE classes to people from the community with learning difficulties and disabilities, as well as offering support and guidance for youths that come from deprived areas to help get them off the streets and into a positive mind set. 

This really will be a HOME for everyone, so please, if you are in a position to donate, please give what you can to help build the future of the industry. 

Thank you so much in advance, 



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