Your heart to Mt.Everest to help Nepali people

Giving work to locals in Nepal after the massive destruction of the earthquakes last year - taking your heart with me on my journey...

We did it!

On 28th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £1,395 with 27 supporters in 35 days

Being present, witnessing the earthquake and the massive destruction and devastation in Nepal last spring, has made strong impressions. The will to help has haunted me.

Many people in Nepal are dependent on what they make from tourism during the spring season, to support the family for the rest of the year. Therefore I want to help the local people in Nepal and contribute with what they need the most - jobs and more business. After the earthquakes they need the business more than ever.


My expedition to Everest in 2015 was hit by the earthquake. I was fortunate to be able to leave the country uninjured and go back to a safe, predictable life. Now I want to help the people of Nepal by going back to Nepal, April 3rd, and make the expedition over in order to employ people for the period of the expedition. (These guys need work)


To contribute even more I will  take you with me - on my journey to the summit of Everest.



For every person that contributes £45 ($63/570Nok) I will carry with me a heart made out of bio degradable paper, with your name on it.  At the summit of Mt. Everest and I’ll sprinkle the hearts in the snow. The hearts are made of bio degradable paper, they will dissolve and leave no foot-prints.

There is a special opportunity for those who want to contribute a little more £100 ($141/1270Nok), I’ll take the heart back with me and send you a certificate with your very own heart that has been on a journey to the summit of Mt. Everest.


Having your own heart is an opportunity to climb your inner mountain - to reach your goal. Start by emailing me and tell me what your inner mountain is - the one you are seeking to climb. Work on your goal as the journey progresses and I will take it with me on my expedition. We’ll do your climb together. I will share pictures of the hearts along the way and send messages of encouragement.

Your inner mountain can be anything, small or large. Write down the mountain you have to climb, to reach the changes you want in your life.


The money contributed will unabridged go to employing locals. If there is a surplus it will go to Giitu Nepals project of building classrooms in remote villages in Nepal. Please follow the project and the hearts here: and email me information about your inner mountain to:


If you want to donate any other amount to this expedition or use VIPPS (for Norway) please contact me at:

Thank you for sharing this initiative! 

xoxo Siv :-)


PS: a little help with the currencies - To Pledge = To donate

  £25 =  35$ =   320 Kr - I'll take your Heart along on the journey so you can follow.

  £45 =  63$ =   570 Kr  - I'll take your Heart to the summit and we'll work on your challenge

£100 = 141$ = 1270 Kr - I'll take your Heart to the summit and back, you'll get a certificate with it on afterwards

£200 = 283$ = 2535 Kr - I'll take your Heart to the summit and back, you'll get a certificate with it on afterwards -£25 goes to school project

£500 = 709$ = 6340 Kr - I'll take your Heart to the summit and back, you'll get a certificate with it on afterwards and 45 min coaching 


Back in safety, happy to be alive after the earthquake and rock fall in 2015.

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