Heart Break Lottie

by Paul Daley in Malpas, England, United Kingdom

Heart Break Lottie
We did it
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Open Heart Surgery for Lottie

by Paul Daley in Malpas, England, United Kingdom


We got Lottie in January this year as a 4 month old puppy.When we went to see her she was very timid but it wasn’t long before she came to sit at my feet and immediately I felt a special bond with her. I’d been looking for a certain type of dog and she was the answer to my dreams, I couldn’t believe I had found her. 

At a routine spaying appointment our world was just shattered. She was diagnosed with a unique  heart defect which would drastically reduce her life expectancy. After a visit to the Royal Veterinary College in London it was confirmed she has a hole in her heart and a defected valve in the right chamber. Her heart is already enlarged and under immense strain so she has not been given long to live.

The surgical team at the RVC have discussed Lottie’s  condition with a paediatric surgeon at the Brompton Hospital in London and they have come up with a plan to save Lottie. The surgery she requires has only been performed on infants before so it is a new pioneering technique to the canine world. This is Lottie’s only chance as without the surgery she will very shortly die. 

We are hoping Lottie’s operation will give lots of other dogs a chance of surviving life threatening defects and for this reason we are asking if people would like to make a small donation towards the cost of her surgery. 

We have already incurred considerable fees and will have ongoing expenses with Lottie’s post- operative care. If you could help with the surgery costs of £12,000 we would be eternally grateful.

We will be updating everyone on Lottie’s progress on her face book page so people can follow her journey.

We have been given a date of the 30th July for her surgery so we are desperate to raise these funds quickly in order to give her this chance.

She means the world to us and we are not ready to let her goat such a young age. She has so much more to give and is such a special dog.

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