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HearAngel - Helping to save the hearing of millions of children and adults

HearAngel - Helping to save the hearing of millions of children and adults

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £160 with 6 supporters in 105 days

The Age of Individual Entertainment has health professionals warning that as many as 1.1 billion of us ( are risking hearing loss; half of the damage being caused by headphone use.

Stopping headphone users suffering permanent hearing damage presents two significant challenges.

The first is to change current behaviour patterns, the second is the complexity of hearing science.

Most of us use headphones regularly in our daily lives and would be very reluctant to give them up. Some of us have already encountered the simple volume limiters on our smartphones, restricting the sound level and often making headphones unusable in noisy scenarios such as public transport.

These simplistic volume limiters are not the solution as they apply the same restrictions to all users, regardless of how long, how loud or how intense the listening content and surprisingly over protect many users.

Now it’s time for some science, that shows that it is the sound dose, the combination of how long, how loud and how intense the listening content, that causes hearing damage.

Science tells us that if we exceed our Daily Sound Allowance® (DSA®) we will suffer hearing damage. Although DSA® represents quite a large sound dose, you can use it up quickly by listening at high volume to high energy content, or more slowly over longer periods of time at lower volumes.

It’s your choice, but how can you manage it when you don’t know what your dose is?

To help you we have created HearAngel® an android (with iOS to follow) smartphone app which monitors your sound dose in relation to DSA® giving you the information you need to put you in control of your sound exposure for the first time.

HearAngel® deals with the complex science for you. HearAngel® helps you change your habit, like a fitness tracker for your ears.

If you wish you can activate HearAngel’s® optional protection feature and the app will actively manage your sound dose to make sure that you don’t exceed your DSA®.

We plan to offer HearAngel® in two versions on subscription, for the single user and for the family of two adults and up to five children.

We have so far received commitments of up to £200,000 from existing investors and are looking for a further £100,000 at this stage.

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