Healthy plant based catering van

Healthy plant based catering van

Hi there! Help me raise funds to start my business of a plant based mobile catering unit!

We did it!

On 25th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £122 with 7 supporters in 56 days


My name's Prue and I have a dream to bring fantastic tasting, reasonably priced, healthy, cruelty free food to people as far and wide as I can manage. The best way to do this that I can think, would be to build a catering van and take my tasty treats to places and people in need of nouishment.

More and more evidence is being brought forward in support of a plant based diet as immensely beneficial to health and energy levels. Studies showing that processed meats are proven to have carcenagenic qualities, and documentaries such as Cowspiracy, are encouraging people to eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat. It is also coming to light that many professional athletes live off plant based diets as they believe a vegan diet to be most beneficial to their careers.

I became a vegan in the new year due to my growing concern over the quality of life and the treatment in death of our farmed animals. I have come under immense scrutiny since becoming vegan, but coupled with that has been a wonderful realisation that more and more people are seeing the benefits of a plant based diet and are switching to veganism. 

If I could raise £6,000 it would allow me to take my trailer test to tow the van, and go a long way towards the cost of the van. It would be a massive help in the start up of my business. 

Veganism is a growing trend for good reason: it's healthy, and good for the planet and our future on it. Please help me start my business and realise my dream of helping to save our planet and it's people (I hope to become greener as I go and profits allow). Thank you :)

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