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Healthy Mojo is one of its kind healthy alternative to packed juices and soft-drinks.

by Sara Bower in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Our mission is to contribute towards Scotland’s Natural Capital Index. As Scotland has high nature value farming and forestry yet consumption of fruit and vegetables in scots regular dietary has been a matter of concern according to New Economics Foundation’s latest report. We want to be an adversary of good food nation policy and help Scotland achieve its mission for 2025 of being healthier country. 

•    Product Mission – provide customers with fresh, healthy and nutritious juices, smoothies and fruit cream. Along with our trademark secret recipe of combination of seeds. 

•    Community Mission – support the community by providing healthy alternatives and buying food produce directly from farmers. Also, giving back to the society and establishing a connect with non profit organization that is involved in helping local community. 

•    Economic Mission – Establish a blue print to connect with all local business related to out healthy food ideology. 

About Me

I am an honor student with 5+years of experience as head of department for marketing and event. I have worked with industry leaders and experts to gain practical experience and increase international connectivity. I have bachelors from Bradford University(2010), MSc in International Marketing from Leeds university(2012) and MBA from Edinburgh Napier University(2019). I firmly believe that,  my experience as Head of Marketing would be an asset to the company. As it would help in achieving the scalability Healthy MoJo deserves due to its unique concept. Similarly,  I have created an operation model wherein Healthy MoJo will be operating in blue ocean rather than red ocean which depicts the skill to incubate innovation within an organization. My Main responsibility as a Director in Healthy MoJo is developing all business strategy related to Marketing, HR and finances. I would also maintain/establish strategic relation along with further product innovation.


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