Healthy Option Kid's Cafe for Crewe!

Healthy Option Kid's Cafe for Crewe!

Your Healthy Option Kid's Cafe in Crewe is almost here! Help me open the doors to a healthier lifestyle for the Children, find out how...

We did it!

On 17th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £340 with 6 supporters in 21 days

So I noticed a while back that there is not much in Crewe town that caters for little kids... there are plenty of cafes and places to grab some lunch, but despite a lot of parents with toddlers and babies, there aren't that many places that are kid-friendly? On the other hand, any places that are definitely kid-focused with numerous play areas and toys have pretty sub-standard food options - there needs to be an inbetween! So with by background in human biology and my years of experience in the food industry I decided that I wanted to fill this gap!

I am opening a kid-friendly cafe in Crewe that will offer nutritional lunches, snacks and drinks, with special focus on children as well as mums-to-be and breastfeeding mums! There will be small play areas to entertain the kids and a sensory farmyard scene mural to help educate them too! Nutritionally-rich meals made with locally sourced ingredients! I want to offer pregnant and breastfeeding mums meals including natural remedies for common ailments and trimester-specific nutritional requirements during pregnancy, a large range of decaffeinated drinks to stay well hydrated during breastfeeding, and healthy alternatives for kids such as fruit/veg selection pots for weaning. Not only will this cafe offer a child-friendly environment but it will help to promote breastfeeding and educate in the importance of nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding and early childhood.

I want to get the local community involved in launching this cafe as it will be an integral part of the society. I have found the perfect place - it has huge open windows with lots of natural light, plenty of room for prams and highchairs, and it even has the space above to hold mother and baby classes and after school classes! I just need a little bit of help to get things started!

I am looking for up to £3000 in funding to bring the property to its full potential in order to open my child-friendly cafe that is so obviously needed in Crewe. I hope you will be as enthusiastic about my vision as I am! Thank you so much for your involvment!

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