Healthy Host App Development

Healthy Host App Development

Healthy Host is raising funds to extend the current iOS version of their health and fitness apps to Android for Health and Fitness companies

We did it!

On 3rd May 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Healthy Host is a company which is looking to provide cost effective app solutions to small health, fitness and wellbeing businesses.  During market research we found that app development is very costly and not everyone within the health and fitness industry has the thousands of pounds it costs to develop an app or finds the initiation of a technology project confusing because of all of the jargon.  Here at Healthy Host apps we want to change that.  We truely believe that everyone should have the same opportunities and be able to leverage resources in the same way.  Ultimately we want to help small businesses achieve great things.

Healthy Host have already helped 4 brands to launch iOS apps onto the app store successfully, all of which have trended in the top 20 health and fitness categories on the app store.  We are now looking to move our offering to Android to complete the suite of products for our clients.  Up until this point Healthy Host has been completely self funded.   

The app features help health and fitness brands to manage their clients more effectively monitoring their progress, helping build a community and also reminding them to drink water, take supplements and exercise.

We want to create an environment where small companies can make use of the technology that is available to them whilst learning how to manage their own apps and using technology to their advantage.

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