Healthy Fast food solutions

Healthy Fast food solutions

Promoting healthy sustainable Fast food solution ,Offering homemade foods to our local community .

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Welcome to our Project-Fresh delights .

 Fresh Delights is about promoting and raising the awareness of healthy sustainable Fast foods Offering a tasty on the go healthy Solution delivering in a fun but professional manner,to a grenaration of people 

Our story

Fresh delights is Not-just-for-profit company we seek to benefit the communities we serve. Fresh delights   is a mobile food company that prepares, cooks and sells home-style food, Gluten Free Healthy Meals at local events benefiting communities throughout   Leicestershire.


We aim to take a portion of the takeaway market, by offering the same convenient service, but with a better product,healthier product that will encourage children students and families to eat such foods .

 Fresh delights will cater for local events to gain brand awareness within the event industry offering nothing but healthy fresh foods ,The opportunity to grow and give our community what they want and need is very big.

We aim to start our product by serving local events in a catering unit that is all run on LPG and solar power all of our foods are home made and made fresh to order using local produce .

Our menu consists of  world flavours  Homemade,  cooked in the best way possible using as little salt, sugar and fat, so no need to feel guilty! But, we want to do more than just sell great food at events we are a not-just-for-profit company we want to change eating habits for the better and hand benefit the communities we serve. Helping to cut obesity supporting diabetics and to encourage local foods .As local food is the futher of food and comes in a much more affordable eating option.

Our Community is at the heart of at we do, and we believe we can have a mutually beneficial relationship. We will give back to the communities we serve by supporting local groups and charities. We will think outside the box to keep prices down and more affordable, because we believe everyone should have access to good food. By sourcing produce locally individuals, allotments & organisations, we hope we can encourage people in the community to grow for the community. Our packaging is biodegradable and our menu is designed to minimise on food waste.

Our equipment would run on LPG, which is more efficient, and one day we hope to have a van converted to the same. A premise that generates electricity and serves our community offering a community food Hub is the futher of fresh delights but to reach and complete our mission we need to get fresh delights  of the ground by supporting local events to gain a comunity based food hub .

After a lot of research on the market, we know that there is a customer demand for the foods we will offer.


An initial investment Which has gone towards finding our target market, Learning and researching the market.Finding and gaining strong business relationships . starting with the right equipment and right produce will produce healthier meals ,comunity awareness ,sustainablity to drive the company to grow year upon year .


For this is the reason we ask for your support as we need  equipment to meet our customers’ demands and to maintain a healthier sustainable food and snack option and to keep the high Reputation that we have already built.

Catering  unit Commercial              £3000

Signage                                                      £1500

Trading stock and fees                        £1500

 Avertising our brand.

With these things in place, we

feel we will achieve our goal for 2017 to grow Employ and become a Community Valued Business .

Why support  Fresh delights .

Obeastity _studies show that by 2020 our children will be over weight with 73% of children obeast in the united kingdom

Diabetics-over the last 5 years diabetics as increased and is still increasing 

Affordable-encoraging local produce growing your own leads to a heathier affordable eating option for families who we beleive derserve to eat such foods ..


The demand for healthy sustainable foods ,which  can be  Eaton and provided in a fun but professional manner takes a large sector of the food industry .

The demand for such foods which will help cut child obesity and encourage healthy eating healthy living.

Offering diabetics a fast food solution with cutting and replacing sugars salts and fats 

Healthy Snacks to encourage our students and children that healthy food is the future of food.

We will support our local traders and growers by buying  locally sourced products


Our Menus

At all times fresh delights will offer Fresh Fruits and veggie snack pots

Nutrishish Snack Bars

Sugar-Free Drinks 

Fresh fruit Smothies .


We will be Offering seasonal Menus to meet seasonal events 

Summer Menus -Organic chicken  salad box which comes in a gluten free option also able to add a gluten free tortilla wrap .

Winter menus will consist of Home Strews soaps,Chilli jacket Potatoes

Caribbean Menu-Which is all home made with my grannys secret herbs and Spices from the Country its self


We have sourced our main Meat suppiers which our local farm fresh produce.

Our fruit is sourced from our local organic farm and our local alloments.

We will also cook fresh and encourage our customers local and growing your own is the way forward and is a much cheaper product a much healthier product .

Growing in 2016 as we have researched the market and the foods we eat we  have grown our own produce this will be a on going learning project that we will encourge local groups and gain support to  grow and produce our own fresh foods a company we will grow year upon year to take the full advantage of the healthy food secter.