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Healthy body, Healthy minds.

by Thomas Cashen in Knowsley, England, United Kingdom


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To deliver a wide range of physical activities, groupwork/mentor sessions, sports and educating on mental health, fitness and self care.

by Thomas Cashen in Knowsley, England, United Kingdom

1598363779_img_2440.jpg1598363727_img_2439.jpg1598363711_img_2438.jpg1598363700_img_2442.jpg1598362661_img_4422.jpgAs early as I can remember I wanted to be a soldier. this dream never nearly happened as I struggled with my anger  and found it difficult to manage myself in and out of school.

I nearly lost my place in school as a result but by chance I fell in to a Boxing gym, This helped me to channel my negative energy in a positive way and had a major impact on my behaviour and learning in school, However it was too little too late for GCSE results I failed to get any grades A-C. 

I joined the Army preparation course and received Best student which prepared me for my pathway of joining the army in January 1999.

More of my early behaviours came out with the drastic changes in my life but after a few months started to become a model soldier. I completed my combat infantry mans course and once again applied myself and became best recruit because of my discipline  military intellect and my excellent physical fitness level.

I joined the 1st Battalion Kings regiment became a Physical training instructor, In the team that became Army Boxing champions and completed a few operational tours.

I left and struggled mentally, I couldn't get going in civilian life. Couldn't get employment and had no motivation to train. To add to it I had a baby son on the way. No GCSEs no work experience outside the Army life was difficult.

Some of my employment when I left... 

Phone operator, door to door salesman, security worker, door supervisor and then I found my passion.

I began work as a youth worker, play worker and additional needs worker I really enjoyed working with young people and people with needs. This lead me on to care homes with emotional behavioural young people. After a year there I started in a secure unit with young offenders. Using sports, fitness, group work and enrichment as a way of channelling negative energy in a positive way and developing life skills as an alternative to offending behaviour. This was so rewarding seeing young people changing their lives.

I became a PTI setting up boot camps working in weight management companies helping families with their health issues and weight problems.

Worked in schools focussing on developing life skills, early interventions for negative behaviours and pupils with Mental health issues. 

I started PT sessions and working with adults and young people with mental health issues and PTSD. 

All the skills and experiences I had, gave me the confidence to start my own business. Kab's (Kids Activities and Boot camps). 

I now work in open fields, leisure centres, community centres, gyms, schools and in partnership with different organisations working with patient who from professionals have been socially prescribed to me.

I have volunteers, staff with our ethos and training to develop and achieve together with anyone associated with our company and our communities.

Hi I’m toni,


My fitness journey started 5 years ago when I moved to the UAE to be a personal trainer. Here I worked between dubia an Abu Dhabi doing home training from 121 to small groups. .


Since moving back I have worked from. Cooperation gyms to small independent gyms. Doing floor walk rounds to taking classes to doing 121 personal training sessions. 


My main goal is to help people who struggle with mental health, weight issues etc helping people grow not only physically but emotionally an mentally. Im also trained in nutrition. To help an advise on that level to.


Being someone who Always struggled with weight, Over eatingand mental health, I have turned my life around I just want to help an encourage a life style change in others.


Hello guys my name is Daniel, I have a degree in football and science. I love to play football and have a real passion for coaching something I am doing now.

I starting working for Kabs some time ago and love the ethos and how rewarding it is to see young people and adults develop there health, fitness, life skills someinclude confidence, resilience, social skills plus many more.

there are lots of issues we are facing now- obesity & mental health to name a few and we want to help!!

Our vision is to help develop, support, nurture and guide as many people as we can weather it be young people, parents and guardians or our volunteers who quickly become members of staff.

It was highlighted recently about the level of people struggling with obesity, poor relationships with food and not being  active enough. These issues create, poor health. Increased risk of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and there are links to a higher fatality when they contract corona virus. Something needs to be done!

My area alone(Knowsley) was on the National news last week (ITV news) highlighting 75% of people are obese in Knowsley and something must be done, My organisation was on this report too and shared and highlighted the good practice that goes on at my organisation Kabs .To tackle obesity we need to educate families, young people and organisations to get this message across, focussing on schools, community centres, gyms, leisure centres and through social media And on line platforms 

Mental health is another issue that is current and is on the increase. The effects of COVID- 19 is already taking effect on families mental health and again people need support in this area from professionals to guide, support and nurture them through this difficult period. Setting up groups where people can go to support each other will lighten the burden and put individuals On a pathway to get the support they need. A report by professor Carpenter from Oxford university stated that there are 5 losses as a result of covid which are structure, routine, friendships, opportunities and freedom with three consequences as a result which include bereavement trauma and anxiety . 83 % of young people have some sort of mental health issue due to covid 66% are very stressed out due to covid and sadly due to lack of capacity many are not receiving the support they need thus suicide rates are up by 200% since lock down ( young minds ) 

The Kabs team have the skill set , energy , dynamism and vision to combat these issues and support people both young and old to bounce back in order to be healthy achieve and make a positive contribution to their communities

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our project, about my team and I  

With funding we can deveand achieve together! 


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Let's make 'Healthy body, Healthy minds.' happen

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