Healthy Awareness CIC - Psychotherapy, Counselling

Healthy Awareness CIC - Psychotherapy, Counselling

Provides low cost psychotherapy and counselling encouraging social, economic inclusion; improve mental health, alleviate emotional suffering

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Healthy Awareness CIC provide individuals the opportunity to access Integrative psychological and emotional support services to encourage social and economic inclusion whilst improving mental health and alleviating emotional suffering.
 •    Support clients to make positive changes within their lives and make a contribution to their environment
 •    Encourage personal growth, independence and empowerment
 •    Provide personal tools, resources and strategies to improve people’s mental health and wellbeing
 •    Enhance client’s ability to access and broaden their opportunities to form social relationships
 •    Enable clients to make better informed decisions and set achievable, realistic personal goals
 •    Help improve the well-being and health outcomes of individuals.

The money raised will pay for counselling costs: room hire and creative materials.

We aim to continue to reach and provide emotional support for those people in need of early intervention and provide rapid access to low-cost psychotherapy to those on long waiting lists.  

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