Subscription for healthy and delicious nuts!

Subscription for healthy and delicious nuts!

Tasty and nutritious snacks for people who enjoy eating well - Activated nuts - Tasty, healthy, kind to your body!

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On 25th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £175 with 4 supporters in 56 days

Business model: Nutmad is a subscription based healthy and delicious snack business. Customers sign up for a weekly or fortnightly delivery of activated nuts, which are more nutritious, easier to digest and more yummy than non-activated ones!                                      Products: What are activated nuts and why are they better than non-activated ones? Nuts in general contain natural chemicals, called phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. They make nuts hard to digest, bind their nutrients, such as minerals, proteins and antioxidants, and stop the body from absorbing them fully. To activate the nuts, we soak them in salty water and dehydrate them at a low temperature. Soaking removes the phytic acid and breaks down the enzyme inhibitors, and dehydration makes the nuts crunchy and yummy again. When nuts have been activated, they become more nutritious and easier to digest. Research suggests that for example vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that reduces the risk of getting illnesses like cancer and Omega-3 fatty acid supports brain health.  

Fundraising purpose: Nutmad is up and running. Due to a great product and marketing, Nutmad has an ever growing number of customers. We hope to raise funds to promote the health benefits of activated nuts and increase customer awareness. Nutmad will also expand its product offerings from plain and sea salted almonds to other nuts like walnuts and cashew nuts, to provide more variety. Please help us achieve our goals!                                                

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