Healthful Pantry
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The project is to make allergen-free goods available to the UK and around the world without compromising on price, health and quality.

by Faith Ukwuomah in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Who we are

Healthful Pantry is an online shop based in Birmingham, the United Kingdom which creates homemade healthy baked goods, dairy alternatives and condiments, using organic and allergen-friendly ingredients only.

How it all began

The shop was founded by myself (Faith Ukwuomah) and opened in late December 2019 but gained recognition in March 2020. Before then, I was creating diverse vegan and gluten-free foods and dishes and run a healthy living blog showcasing different recipes and health tips; but then after Christmas 2019, getting close to the New Year, I eventually decided to open the shop via Etsy. It may seem small, but little beginnings cannot be neglected.

What we do

Having understood that people have different dietary needs, all our products are free from gluten and lactose. We provide both yeasted and yeast-free bread, as well as homemade yoghurts, dairy-free milk and homemade tofu. Furthermore, we believe that nobody should be isolated nor left out simply because of their dietary needs.

How the money will be used

With current high customer demands from the UK and other parts of the world, the money raised will enable us to buy all the ingredients and types of equipment needed to meet up with the orders placed already (and many more to come). Here is a glimpse of what we will be spending the money on:

  • Electric Flour Mill (from Komo): £213.12
  • Power Airfryer: £90 (this is particularly for yeast-free baking)
  • Gluten-free ingredients (including gluten-free flour, yeast, psyllium husks, ground flaxseeds, apple cider vinegar, etc): £1,600
  • Baking equipment: £1,600
  • Hamper baskets: £500
  • Food Vaccum sealer and sealer bags: £500
  • A bigger place for baking and making pantry foods: £1000
  • Same-day delivery shipping to UK and International: £2000

Because we are also planning to have a physical shop at some point in the future, we'll stretch the fundraising mark to £10k. Plus, payments will also be made to the crowdfunding fee. For a range of current stockist of the shop, please visit our website.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

Frontline Workers & Patients

With the pandemic raging the nation and the world at large, as a thank you, we will be giving away a hamper for patients affected by the virus and frontline workers who put their lives on the line to help the public.

£10 or more

£10 Voucher

You can use this voucher on your purchases on our online shop.

£20 or more

Gluten-free Family Hamper

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, a deliciously free gluten-free hamper for families will be made available. The hamper will be featuring the new quinoa millet sandwich bread, a pack of 4 bread rolls, a pack of 6 blueberry muffins, plus homemade dairy-free milk, dairy-free yoghurt, and a £10 voucher to our shop.

£30 or more

Outer Birmingham

If you're living outside the city of Birmingham, then this hamper is for you. During the pandemic, we believe that nobody should be denied of anything good. Consisting of a velvet cake, millet sandwich, plant-based milk of choice, and a box of 6 blueberry muffins.

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