Health check-ups for Cancer Survivors in Nairobi

by Eric Chen in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Health check-ups for Cancer Survivors in Nairobi


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My aim is to support my friend Philomena to raise Awareness, Support and funds to help support Cancer Survivors to go for health reviews.

by Eric Chen in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Eric here, I will not say too much about myself- this fundraiser is to support my friend Philomena in her ideas to directly support fellow cancer survivors in Nairobi with getting funds to get a health check up.

Folks who have been really kind and generous with my last fundraiser may remember Philomena who I was fundraising to help get her all ready to be a Zumba Gold Instructor for cancer group so that she have a means of bringing in income to her family. Despite the ongoing financially challenges, Philomena continues to turn her attention to helping others who are in dire need of support and help - this months she is keen to help fellow survivors who cannot afford to pay for health check ups find the funds to do this. 

Over past months she has achieved a lot to raise cancer awareness, which included speaking at a Cancer Health Symposium, climbing Mt Kenya(!) and organising a Zumba event for young people living in the slump area in Nairobi. I'm just so incredible proud of Philomena for all that she is doing for others.


This is my efforts to support Philomena's efforts. This is what she has to say:

My name is Philomena Ochola  a mother of two boys , Zumba Instructor and a Cancer Survivor and Advocate for Survivorship post Cancer treatment


During this month of October being a Breast Cancer month,I would like to use my Platform as a Zumba Instructor and my Journey and story of Cancer, in collaboration with my fellow Zin Isaac Mayange of Team Zumba Kenya


My aim is to raise Awareness, Support and funds to help support 4 of my chosen Cancer Survivors to go for review which is of utmost importance after treatment. These 4 have not been able to go back to Hospital due to luck of funds  and financial difficulties.

Philomena will do doing a series of Zumba events in Nairobi to raise funds. I would like to help her efforts through this fundraiser page and other activities. As part of this fundraiser, I have various token of appreciation to thank you for your support. here are examples of what they are - zumba towel and and bracelet pack, raffle for various zumba items and plants I propagated :)


I hope that you will be able to help me support Philomena in her desire to help fellow Cancer Survivors.

Thank You!




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In addition to invitation to our online events, zumba pack (bracelet and towel) and raffle entry (£1 pledge = 1 ticket), I'll throw in one of my plants that I propagate (if you are based in Edinburgh) or I'll dedicate a zumba song (of your choice) to you at one of the event :)

Let's make 'Health check-ups for Cancer Survivors in Nairobi' happen

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