Healing through singing/ The One Heart R&AS choir

by Tamara McFarlane in Dagenham, England, United Kingdom

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To pay for a safe place to keep weekly choir sessions for refugees and asylum seekers,as well as to pay for travellings & light refreshment

by Tamara McFarlane in Dagenham, England, United Kingdom

As a refugee myself, I went through a period where getting through each hour was a trial by itself. The things I witness going through the process, I vow that I will do as much as I can voluntarily, if it will ensure that even one person never live a moment of what I did going through that process. In the last 3 to 6 years, I have met and worked with a few groups of lovely people, some who runs a monthly drop in center for asylum seekers, and others who work voluntarily to ensure refugees and asylum seekers don't have to fight for their lives all over again having flea their country because they choose life to start with.

   One such group including of people, including myself have been doing a yearly christmas single to raise awareness of the day to day struggles of asylum seekers and refugees from all category, who are still being persecuted right under our noses, and in the process raise some much needed funding for refugee in actions and one of the drop in center. Upon doing so, we realised how much the singing United and uplifted all the refugees and asylum seekers who have been coming each Christmas. After the first year, I created a whatsapp group of all the people who came and then one by one they started ringing me asking me if I could start a weekly choir, so its not just yearly. We didn't have the money. Last year when I put out the call that we need refugees and asylum seekers again to do another Christmas single, the response was overwhelming. What was heart breaking was one of the people in charge that was paying the travellings out of her pocket, could not pay for all who wanted to attend. I had to say no to some people. My Heart literally broke. I saw what the singing have done in those few days, few hours, each Christmas for the last 2, this year will make 3. The whatsapp group grew larger. the calls for the choir became a daily thing.Me and the others spoke about it. I tried to get funding to no avail. Then I a friend mentioned about people raising funds by themself and the dream was alive full force again. Our aim is to have a weekly singing sessions. all refugees and asylum seekers will be welcome. The money we are hoping will cover rental of a safe place to hold weekly two hour sessions, for as long as we can on what's raised minus other expenses . Then hopefully get the choir into where we can hold our own charity raising concerts with the choir performing, to keep the choir progressing once the fundings starts to run out . Also the expenses from the money raised, will be used to pay for those who attend weekly their travellings, as asylum seekers are not allowed to work, and for some light refreshment in the break. (water, coffee,tea, juice, fruits, biscuits or sandwiches)

   We are hoping as the choir gets better we will perform at as many charity raising functions as we can. we would also like to hold a concert at some point to invite our donors to come and see what their donations has done for all the members waiting to start. In the end if there is enough donation would like to get choir gowns for when the group is performing. The choir will be called One Heart Refugee & Asylum Seeker Choir. One Heart because though our adylum cases may be different, we are all singing for one reason. To forget about the horrendous treatment asylum seekers and refugees face on a day to day basis. It won't heal the members long term, but its a start. A start to hope and holding unto it for a day when life will be like in these short few moments when they get to just sing and let go of all the pain, if for just that short singing session. Please donate if you can and share this link if possible. Thank you. 

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