Hub for Healing

by kerri ramsaidh in Enochdhu, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hub for Healing


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We aim to raise £10,000 to cover the initial professional fees associated with establishing the Kindrogan Somerville School in Perthshire.

by kerri ramsaidh in Enochdhu, Scotland, United Kingdom

Who we will help

At this time, there are many children who need help. Care experienced children in particular have some of the most negative outcomes of all individuals in society. We intend to establish a therapeutic residential school for all children with a focus on care experienced adolescent girls in Perthshire, to address the need for peace and wellbeing. By providing a healing environment where children can learn and get the psychological help they need, this releases the inherent potential in all children so they can go on to be all they wish to be, as defined by the child lead meaningful and purposeful lives and be of service to the wider community. 


What we are doing

This is an utterly unique and radical new approach to the education and care of children who have experienced a continuum of upset, trauma and deprivation. We will provide Creative Psychotherapies, Steiner education and a wholesome home with a focus on the outdoors, nature and self-sustainability. The aim of which is to create equality of opportunity and experience for all children.      1594659501_swsf-land-024.jpg

What we need money for 

The business is self-sustaining once open, but we need to raise the start-up costs for this project. We need an initial £10,000 to pay for the fees to prepare the lease to rent the Kindrogan house, to pay the surveyor, for the registration with the Care Inspectorate Scotland and for the preparation of employment contracts for the staff. 1594659718_20200609_000014.png

The next step...

  • Sign lease
  • Commence renovation
  • register with care inspectorate as independent school
  • comb the earth for 22 of the most highly skilled psychotherapists on the planet.
  • Introduce the amazing staff to the Somerville System and Kindrogan House.
  • Open doors to allied professionals and local community
  • Enrol our first students

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