Healdswood Community Orchard And Sensory Garden

Healdswood Community Orchard And Sensory Garden

We are hoping to raise funds to provide the sensory equipment & installation, to be apart of a new communtiy orchard North Nottinghamshire.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The total project cost is £50,000 we have been working since Janaury to raise  funding  and have so far raised £2,000 and are now breaking it down to compleat it in parts. We are asking for help via crowdfunder with the sensory garden part.

AAA is a small non profit voluntary group of mums in North Nottinghamshire. We founded 3 years ago and have since provided free recreational activities for families across the area.

Community Orhards can be wonderful spaces right at the heart of the communtiy and are part of our enviromental heritage. There a focal point where children can play and explore. Wildlife can thrive and we can use their fruit to make tasty puddings or lunch time snacks.

From creating healthier, happier communties to helping tackle climate change, reconnecting our children to the natural world, and providing essential habitates for wildlife.

AAA will look to work with the local community to teach them to plant, look after the trees, including pruning and foraging for fruit, incorporating cooking and ensuring there will be harvests for generations to come.

The community orchard and sensory gardens would be established to provide free to access space where fresh, locally sourced food may be freely availible to anyone in the community.  The sensory gardens, seeing, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Just five little words used to describe our senses, but five little words with such huge importance. They sum up the key ways in we, as human beings, learn throughout our lives. How we can survive in it, live in it and most important enjoy it.

Providing sensory gardens and equitment within them, will help play a crucial part in our childrens development. Sensory play is now recognised as one of the most important methods of educating all children from a very early age.

We also aim to put on fun, lively events within the orchard, joining with other local groups, such as schools, in order to combat isolation, loneliness and to cross boundaries between groups of people who wouldn't otherwise be in contact with each other. 

Skegby, Teversal and Stanton Hill are ex coal mining villages in North Nottinghamshire and we are under The Indices of Deprivation report and fall amongst the 10 % most deprived areas in the country.

Building this communtiy Orchard and sensory garden will encourage individuals both disadvataged and Isolated that we are one and apart of a communtiy that can. We can create something spectacular, working together. And gives the opportunity to bring communities together and install a sense of community pride and build our future history and help educaite future generations.