Heads In The Cloud

I'm raising funds to complete the build of my first sound & light installation, 10% of all funds raised donated to the charity Music Fusion.

We did it!

On 31st Mar 2018 we successfully raised £270 with 11 supporters in 28 days

About Me

Hi, I'm PJ. After years of passionately selling the music of my favourite artists, I decided to take that passion and focus on a new career; creating immersive audiovisual experiences that bring people together, and highlight social and environmental concerns. I'm now a 36 year old undergraduate currently studying in my final year of the Digital Music & Sound Arts BA (Hons), at University of Brighton, UK.

I currently work for an environmental organisation, and am a trustee of a charity dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of younger people checking themselves for testicular and breast cancer. I teach electronic music production, and work on various music, sound and audiovisual projects.

"PJ represents the next generation of artists who move fluidly between the worlds of sound, visual art, animation and gallery instillation. This work explores all these variable and interlocking worlds offering us an opportunity to experience these new and challenging ideas. I'm excited by the possibilities of PJ's project which I've been lucky to see and who I've worked alongside."

 - Stephen Mallinder, Cabaret Voltaire.


The Project

My debut sound & light installation is a truly global project, and I need your help to raise funds to purchase and build the visual element; a 3D LED light cube that reacts to the sounds of the installation.

In Heads In The Cloud you'll experience the sounds of people from around the world vocalising their social media, blog, and forum posts, expressing their personal thoughts, passions and heartaches. Their voices become a chorus of digital noise as they enter the central LED matrix; a physical manifestation of the internet.

With every project, I take on the challenge of learning whatever skills the concept demands, but the cost of the LEDs and software is by far the most challenging part of Heads In The Cloud. I already have interest from spaces in London and Brighton to exhibit this experience, and wish to take it beyond the UK for as many people to experience as possible. The equipment and software will also find life beyond Heads In The Cloud, as I'll continue to use them for any future projects.


Open Call!

This is the part where you can become an integral part of the installation. I'm looking for voices (in any language) to be used within Heads In The Cloud. If you've posted onto social media, blogs, or any public internet forum to express your thoughts, then I'm looking for you. All you need to do is find something you've posted publicly that mean't something to you, it could be positive, negative, funny, or mournful; just as long as it's personal to you.

Find a quiet space to make a voice recording into your phone, your laptop, or whatever you have available to record your own voice, and read out those posts. I need about 30 seconds of your voice, so the longer the posts, the better, but you can piece together a few shorter ones if needed. Just make sure there's as little background noise as possible.

Your voices will be used as material within Heads In The Cloud, they will move through the space and become digitised, turning into a chorus of digital noise. Your voice will have its own lights representing its journey from human form to digital noise towards the centre.

To submit, email your recording to info@pjedavy.com with the title 'Put My Head In The Cloud', and please include the text you've read from. You will remain anonymous, and agree to allow me to use your recording on the concept album, unless you let me know you'd like to opt out.

My Pledge to Charity

I'm pledging 10% of all funds raised through this crowdfunding, and 10% of any future funds received for this project, to the Havant, UK-based charity Music Fusion. Their dedicated team "have delivered music projects to over 35,000 young people including [their] core work; young people who have experienced challenging life circumstances.” They are a charity in need of funding, right now, and every little helps.

Please check out their website (http://www.musicfusion.org.uk/), and this video, for inspiration...

If I Don't Hit Target

Due to some of the money raised going towards a charity, this will not be an all-or-nothing crowdfunder. This means that Music Fusion get some money no matter what, but it also means that I'll use whatever funds you've helped to raise, towards making Heads In The Cloud as best as possible, within the budget. It may mean that the visual LED cube will not be included, but that money will go towards improving the sound system. I will get creative and see what can be done!

Most importantly, Music Fusion don't lose out.

A Little More About Me

I started on my path down electronic music and sound creation when I was 14 years old, when I was introduced to some sampling software by a friend. After years of fumbling my way around producing music, I eventually found my stride, and found myself making house music. Since then, have had my club music featured on BBC Radio 1 Essential Mixes, Ministry of Sound and Renaissance compilations, released worldwide on vinyl. I've won the South UK's Vinyl Meltdown DJ competition, played in Europe, and won Sound Revolt's 'Remix of the Year' award. 

In more recent years I experimented more with mixing live and electronic elements in my band Deluxe Flamingos. Here's the official music video for our song that was featured on Victorious Festival's 2015 promo...

Deluxe Flamingos - Where Is My Ray?

Since studying Digital Music & Sound Arts, I've built interactive album computer games, sound art installations, composed music and created sound design for film, and become increasingly experimental with my own music compositions.

You can check out what I've been working on, most recently, at my newly launched website www.pjedavy.com and on my Vimeo portfolio site https://vimeo.com/pjedavy.

And Finally...

Thank you for taking the time to check out my crowdfunder and for donating what you can! The more I raise, the better Heads In The Cloud becomes, and the more I can contribute towards the great work of Music Fusion.

The LED lights will be supplied by LED LIMITED who are based in Kent, UK.

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