Heading For The Edge - Graduation Film

by RG Greiner in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

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A team of ambitious award winning filmmakers brings you a true to life tale of tragedy, guilt and hope in motorsport.

by RG Greiner in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Premise of the Film

2018, London. Maxime Olander (25), currently getting a PHD in mechanical engineering, comes home to see her father - Maximilian Olander (60). He is an obsessed race team engineer, but recently he was charged for manslaughter, as new evidence revealed that the death of a driver 25 years ago, was due to a mechanical failure that was under his supervision. Although he has finally been acquitted, for lack of substantial proof, Maximilian is convinced he should be punished for his failure 25 years ago. Can Maxime help her father move on from the past, or will the guilt eat at him forever?

Our Promise

We understand that you are still investing in a student film and the stigma that is attached to this. With our track record and industry experience we will continue to work to professional standards, and will produce a high quality cinematic experience that exceeds the expectations of a student project. It is our collective dream to graduate university in July with a bang and leave our mark on the years to come, as proof of what can be achieved. Furthermore, this film will be our stepping stone into the industry - all our training comes down to one final chance to make one final outstanding film.


We will regularly be updating everyone on the progress of the film by uploading the final script, posting casting updates, sharing on-set photos and more. If you would like to get directly involved with our process, feel free to contact us!

The Crew

RG. Greiner (Writer/Director) is a documentary and fiction director of Armenian-German descent. In 2016 he was 1 of only 30 students in all of Germany to graduate with a German Abitur and International Baccalaureate - thereafter following his passion in filmmaking. With 3 awards and 12 nominations in just two years, he is the most prolific director currently at the University of South Wales.

Rio Sneddon (Producer) has been studying film since the age of 13, she produced several award winning documentaries and short films. Her experience has lead her to successfully produce the highest budgeted productions of the course over the past two years. With this film, she will be producing the highest budgeted grad film in recent history of the University.

Michael Gazda (Cinematography) is an accomplished multi-award winning cinematographer, with experiences of working professionally in the film industry since 2013. He has had experiences in camera departments of various high budget films and TV shows such as Doctor Who, 12 Monkeys, The Romanoffs and Knightfall, as well as extensive work on student and independent productions.

Josefine Adolfsen (AD/Sound) did her first year in film at the Norwegian Film School, before seeking out a greater challenge in the UK. Ever since, RG Greiner, Rio and Josefine have worked together on every project - with her taking on greater responsibilities as Assistant Director recently. However, she has also successfully forged her own path in documentary filmmaking.

Daniel Chilcott (Sound) is additionally a multi-award winning sound recordist and filmmaker. Starting initially Music Production, Daniel transitioned into film 3 years ago and has worked on a multitude of student and graduate films, including a host of work outside of University: most notably of which including the Amazon Prime pilot, Spirit Breaker. 

Vendula Korsova (Editor) has an official AVID Media Composer accreditation and is seeking out another one in DaVinci Resolve in early January. Starting out in photography, she made the transition to film and has focused on editing and cinematography, where she aids Michael as a camera assistant.

Budget Breakdown

We are personally investing over 6000£ into the film, as we believe in the project 100%. The money we are raising here is not fundamentally funding the film, but instead it will help us improve the overall film by hiring better actors, equipment, props, locations etc.

Action Plan (Schedeule) 

Risks & Challenges

Making a film in itself is a risky business, from unforeseeable technical issues to unreliable contractors. However, we have have been through a lot and we are always prepared for the worst. On our last shoot, the camera had a huge technical glitch, that caused us to loose half a days footage. However, instead of giving up we finished the shoot that day, reconstructed the lost set over night, rehired all the actors with our contingency budget and reshot the day after

Other Ways You Can Help

As students we understand money can be tight, but there are alternatives. Simply following our socials and word of mouth can be incredibly beneficial for our project - it could even entice some outside investors! Be sure to follow us via Facebook.

Previous Work


Writer & Director: RG Greiner

Producer: Rio Sneddon

Sound: Josefine Adolfsen


DOP: Michael Gazda

Sound: Daniel Chilcott


Director: RG Greiner

DOP: Michael Gazda


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