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My aim is to build a recruitment company that helps those that have suggested or are suffering with mental illness get back into work

by Luke Weynberg in Stevenage, England, United Kingdom

The idea behind Head Recruitment started when my now wife was placed in a secure mental health hospital. When she came out there was no resource to help her get back into work, only a weekly phone call with a social worker. There was virtually no help with securing interviews for jobs or anything. 

I want to be that company. That company that helps out the ever growing mental illness sufferers. I guess I enjoy helping people. My recruitment roles in the past have always been in the NHS, so I've always helped people through recruitment.

My long term goal is to have a dedicated team of recruiters, that work alongside local employers, as well as health care professionals to tackle all sides of the divide.

Let's make 'Head Recruitment' happen

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