He must not over-comb!

by Trump Resistance in London, England, United Kingdom

He must not over-comb!
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On 6th March 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporters in 28 days

We are campaigning for a series of billboards and ads online to show, in light of protests, how many UK residents are against Trumps visit

by Trump Resistance in London, England, United Kingdom

We are campaigning for a series of billboards and ads online (youtube) to show, in light of Anti Trump state visit protests in London on 4/2/17 and the 1.6 million UK residents who signed the petition against Trump's state visit, that despite Teresa May's swift attempts to forge an alliance with Donald Trump, that the alliance, the values of Donald Trump and the risks that these values carry and his visit are not supported.

We are living in a time where conflict is prevalent throughout the globe. If we dont strongly oppose through consistant demonstration, we will be seen to be a supportive nation. We are not racist, sexist, homophobic and have welcomed and celebrated diversity and all walks of life. The Trump-May alliance signifies that we are part of a team, at a time where headlines bear greater weight than the small print and we are putting our country and true values at risk.

Trump's state visit will cement a two way relationship, Teresa May having demonstrated an overly appeasing side to Donald Trump's Gung-ho attitude. This is only the beginning and we will need funds above and beyond the initial figure sought to consistently promote online and throughout the Capital, on Billboards, using the Underground, where the majority of UK residents, tourists and publicity will capture the energy.

The image used in this campaign is demonstrative, using humour to illustrate the severity of the future being a party to this regime. Humour will be the best form to spike the viral campaign. We have teamed up with writers, graphic designers, video editors and our social media experts to ensure this will be a true success.

On 20/2/17, there will be a parlimentary debate on whether the Trump Visit will be either scrapped or down-graded due to 1.6 million petiton signatures. Look at Trump and May already. Look at how he behaves. He is coming, irrespective of the debate. There is also a counter petition, supporting Trumps visit already having gathered in excess of 100,000 signatures, required to trigger the parlimentary debate.

We are the UK and we have a duty as citizens to promote our values as the people work and fund the economy. We need to isolate ourselves from Trump's outrageous claims, and not support them. Repercussions of his wayward stance will undoubtedly arise and being part of this cemented alliance will not serve us or our truth, now or later. The world needs to know we have a backbone. Lets show them!


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