HD Investment

HD Investment

This project is aimed to expand our current company from sports supplements to everyday apparel along with human resources services.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

At HD we aim to continue creating proprietary blend free supplements while expanding to the apparel industry. Doing so gives us the opportunity to brand our logo and it's meaning to a broader audience. Our logo stands for Hardwork & Dedication as we attempt to implant it as a reminder for our customers to see and remind themselves of the attributes needed to reach their goals. Currently we carry Calibrate in both bulk and rtd to guarantee convienence to all. 

Our goal in the apparel industry is to create a following of supporters who recognize their own personal hard work and feel the support of us to him with their goals along with others in pursuit of their dreams. Doing so creates a community of supporters throughout the world all in recognization of each other's dedication to whatever pursuit they have. We're proud to have such a brandable logo and look forward to the growth and development of this company. 

Along with our consumer goods, we're very passionate about growing our neighbor companies throughout the world. We've created HD Services to offer assistance to small businesses in hopes of growth, forum/community to offer referrals and also corporate branding wear for businesses looking to implement our branding techniques to their own staff.