Health Bloggers Community 2.0.

Our mission is to provide educational content for bloggers and health entrepreneurs. We are looking to launch our 2.0. version soon.

We did it!

On 29th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £1,230 of £800 target with 37 supporters in 21 days

New stretch target

With the extra support we will get, we'll be able to create our first series of Health Bloggers card decks. We are working with our illustrator Nina to create an amazing series of cards and illustrations for Health Bloggers. You can find a few mockups below - we are still working on the final product. The money we raise will cover the costs of the illustrations, as well the production of the first 50 decks!




Project aim

Our mission is to provide educational content for bloggers and health entrepreneurs. We are looking to launch our 2.0. version soon.


About the project

We see the urge young motivated entrepreneurs have to learn, share and get inspired to increase their traffic, to keep their blog overflowing with valuable content. We give bloggers daily inspiration and challenges to really kick-start their online presence, boost their blog in workable, doable slices. We are here to support young, driven entrepreneurs who are looking to create a business our of their passion for helping people becoming healthier and more informed. Hundreds of young individuals are stepping up to become advocates and ambassadors of brands they love, putting work and passion into what people still call a 'hobby'. After 9 months and over 500+ bloggers on the platform, we think it's time to change the rules by giving bloggers the tools to turn their brands into a real business, creating more and more resources they can use to create a brand that not only will grow with them, but will allow them to earn for the hard work they put in it.        

"Health Blogger is a brilliant community of foodies, yoga + fitness gurus plus wellness guys and gals. This community has inspired me to take my business to a new level, seeking out more clients and growing a network of like minded souls. From day one of joining, I been overwhelmed by their generosity to support, share and challenge me to set higher goals for my life and for my business."

Kim Amstrong, Your Abundant Wellness


About the platform

You are a serious health junkie: you consider blogging your full-time hobby, you have been working with brands in the past and are looking to create a stronger brand for yourself. You are a health and wellness entrepreneur using blogging as the main marketing tool to boost your business and brand, and attract your tribe to your website. In a market where health and wellness publications are spreading like medicinal mushrooms.

You can find people to collaborate through our community, or join competitions and challenges and collaborate with the most exciting brands in the health and wellness field.  You can learn from entrepreneurs and bloggers via our Blogger Case Studies.

And you won't be alone. In addition to our entire course collection, you get to access our forums, packed with enthusiastic bloggers and entrepreneurs just like you. They will help you brainstorm, give you support, and keep you on track. That is what a community is truly about.


  • Access beginner to advanced online lessons and workshops
  • DIY Design Lab and Tech Library including resources and plugins
  • Blogger case studies and exclusive events



"Health Bloggers is an exciting community, the events hosted by health bloggers allow you to meet and bond with like minded people. Health bloggers is an amazing forum filled with inspirational people, it allows you to seek advice and tips on the latest health messages. Since joining Health Bloggers I have connected and met so many like minded people, its refreshing and I am always intrigued to see what's coming next!"

Jenna Hope, Primal Hope UK




"As a new blogger I was so pleased to find The Health Bloggers Community. It has been a constant source of inspiration and support during the first hectic month of establishing a blog. It has also allowed me to network and make contacts with likeminded people not only across the country but all over the world! I adore being a part of it and I love how welcoming every member is, it’s like being part of one big healthy family!"

Amie Hulston, Clean Feasting 


About the 2.0. version

  • New look and feel of the platform
  • New revamped profiles
  • Share your latest posts + pictures via the new activity feed
  • Contribute with your articles 
  • Easy to access forums
  • Structured courses you can save, complete with tests and question bank 
  • Weekly giveaways from top health and wellness brands
  • some tweaks and bugs to make your experience even more exciting 


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