Hayle Harbour Festival

Hayle Harbour Festival

Help Hayle meet its full potential by raising funds through an exciting Harbour Festival!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hayle was once a major centre of the Industrial Revolution and, at one time, over 80% of the worlds steam engines were manufactured here – and shipped through our harbour. Having been in decline since the closure of the once great Harvey’s Foundry in 1903, the harbour, and the town, has been in desperate need of regeneration. All of the harbour and much of the town is now a World Heritage Site, and while some repairs and improvements have taken place, we need to improve the estuary channel and draw in new marine users to make the harbour vibrant and financially sustainable.

The community would benefit from the revival of the harbour as ensuring the navigational channel is safe and useable at all periods throughout the year means harbour recreation can continue. This would mean activities such as jet skiing, canoeing and kayaking could be offered all year round for the local community and for tourists. Park and float links from Hayle to the very popular holiday destination of St Ives could be re-established, therefore, increasing tourism in Hayle and offering more employment opportunities, but more importantly, seeing the harbour restored to its former glory, brimming with boats and water-sports would give Hayle town back its coastal spirit which has been lost due to the demise of the Harbour and its trade.

It is for this purpose we are setting up a Harbour Festival, the four day event aims to raise money to inject into the revamping of the Harbour, whether this be new facilities, deepening the navigable channel or providing funds to help the local fishing community we want to put Hayle back on the map! The funds will go towards hiring bands, marquees, advertisement and health and safety aspects relating to the event.