Hawksaber - Fine art print by Bryn G Jones

Hawksaber - Fine art print by Bryn G Jones

A fine art print by digital painter Bryn G Jones, available in a variety of sizes.

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On 1st Jan 2016 we successfully raised £12 of £12 target with 1 supporter in 14 days

The aim of this project is to turn one of my digital pieces into a physical print. The piece I would like to print for you is called 'Hawksaber', a painting that I created very recently. The reason I have chosen this piece is simply because it's my most treasured digital painting. I think with its rich reds and deep greens it would look really sophisticated on someone's wall.


The painting's narrative involves a fire-sword wielding goddess who patrols a fantasy wasteland looking for survivors. The costume design was a lot of fun, and working with a few contrasting light sources made the rendering process a real joy.


I will be be making it available in 3 sizes:

29 cm wide (approximately A4)

42 cm wide (approximately A3)

59 cm wide (approximately A2)


I've been painting digitally for about 5 years now and I don't ever want to stop. My work has featured in international collections, and I appear in digital painting magazines from time to time. This year I set up an independent comic book label called 'Eleven to the Wire' and I continue to put a lot of work into drawing and publishing our titles. 

Pledging for a print will help support me and the work I do as an artist. In return for your support you will get a great quality print and my eternal gratitude.


Bryn G Jones





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