Haven's Path Survival Game

Haven's Path Survival Game

We're participating in the Queen Of Code campaign to raise money to support and create our game: to form a functional society and survive.

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About this project

Haven’s Path is a 2D strategy game where two decades into the future, Earth has become a polluted wasteland. Civilization is in ruins and every day is a battle for survival. But in this dark, unrelenting world not all hope has been lost.

You play the Wanderer. You are without a home, without family, without friends. So when you stumble upon a crumbling village and encounter more survivors, your goal is to rebuild a functional, thriving community with enough energy, food and other services.

Female Protagonist designed by Dominique

You can view the game world from a top-down map view or explorer side-view as well as the status reports of the events and items your citizens are providing/building. Within the explorer view, the player is able to discover the surroundings, farm for basic resources, and find more people.

Overview of Initial Base 3D effectThe explorer map during dark conditions

As you slowly build your society, you will explore alternative forms of energy, such as solar power and wind, and you will possess more items, such as security cameras. You will be faced by many trials, including extreme weather conditions, energy shortages, and bands of marauders looking to steal your resources. The efficiency of your society is down to whether you make the right choices as a leader, such as: how well you use your resources, choosing the right characters to bring in, and whether you decide to do what’s right for the greater good. If your society fails – it’s game over!

 Solar panel

If you want to contact us and get to know about the project more, our email addresses will be down below!


  • What’s this project for?

We’re participating in the Queen of Code campaign, a project to support and fund future female game developers. With Haven’s Path we hoped to raise awareness about environmental issues and the consequences of pollution.

  • Who are the creators?

We have three team members, and all students of the University of Westminster :) We are:

Tulin Memory – Programmer

Dominique Duong – Illustrator & animator

Nadina Drone – Illustrator & animator

  • What will we do with your funds?

The funds will go towards building a finished project during the campaign period of 4 weeks. This basically means that it will go to the equipment we need like software, as well as funding our supporters’ rewards, which include: early access to the game, desktop wallpapers, tote bags, t-shirts and screen prints involving our concept art. Other rewards will be to contribute to our game idea and expand it further. Any donation towards our game idea will be greatly appreciated!

Contact Us:

  • Dominique Duong - dom.duong@yahoo.co.uk
  • Nadina Drone - nadina.drone@my.westminster.ac.uk
  • Tulin Memory - tulin.memory@my.westminster.ac.uk