Harvest Workers' Co-op

Join the Okehampton food revolution! Help us create a non-profit food hub and educational program for our community.

We did it!

On 26th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £4,163 with 96 supporters in 28 days

Harvest Workers Co-op

The Harvest Workers Co-op started life as an idea between two local growers - Martin and Sara. Two years ago they took on a local farm shop that was closing down but were always keen to run it cooperatively. In the beginning of 2017 five more individuals - Jo, Kevin, Sophie, Liv and Henry - all passionate about local & sustainable food, joined to make what is now the Harvest Workers Co-op. 

As a co-op we want to help our community to access local, sustainable, nutritious and (of course!) delicious food. We are supporting our local producers that use organic and ecological methods, giving them a fair price as well as helping them build strong and resilient links to the local community. We want to increase awareness and understanding of the social, environmental and health issues around food and help build food sovereignty for our local community.

What are we doing?

The Harvest Workers Co-op will be running a farm shop in the heart of Okehampton, stocking local, organic, sustainable and ethically produced food. That is everything from fresh greens, wild foods, raw goats’ milk, eggs, delicious veggies, juicy fruits and much more. All will be sourced with both our customers and producers in mind. All our produce will be healthy, affordable and tasty!

We will be running a range of educational food events helping our community develop an understanding of the issues that surround food and farming. It will be anything ranging from discussions on food sovereignty, health and nutrition to the creation of sauerkraut and raised beds!

Why are we doing it?

We believe that working with others co-operatively is a strong and resilient model that is good for both the members and the local community. We also want to start a food conversation in Okehampton, to raise awareness of the issues that surround food and farming to hopefully create the foundations for change. Let's keep our town centre local, connecting local people to their local farmers, local educators and local food!

Help us make the vision a reality

We have a vision of building a strong food community in Okehampton, and we know the Harvest Workers Coop has a big part to play. However we need money to do this!

The farm shop is currently run by two of our members Martin and Sara. This crowd funder is key to transferring the running of the shop over to the Co-op.

What your money will do

1. Refit the shop

We need a makeover to help the farm shop work better for us all ; easier access, less clutter, educational displays, clearer labelling, greater storage, new equipment ; leading to better systems providing fresher food and up to date information.

We will purchase much needed equipment, such as the following:

  • Digital scales
  • Printer and other office equipment
  • New labelling
  • Trollies
  • Educational display
  • Touch screen
  • New laptop and software
  • Recipe stand
  • Info stand

2. Running costs

We need enough money to keep the shop fully stocked during the changeover period. After the initial handover, we will have time to become financially sustainable, and ensure we are open six days a week for our local community.

3. Set-up cost

That is anything from insurance for eduactional pursuits, to the training costs we need to be able to run the co-op the best we can, registration with companies house and buying the shop equipment from the current owners.

Find out more about us here http://www.harvestworkerscoop.org.uk/site/ 

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