Harvest Moon Internet Radio Startup

Harvest Moon Internet Radio Startup

Help launch Harvest Moon Radio- a new internet based Album radio station playing music from the last 60 years.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Harvest Moon Radio has been setup as an Internet based radio station bringing the listener very best in music from the last 75 years. The station will be all about the listener and the music, aimed at bringing you the fun times which many remember from the good old pirate radio ships of the 60s which used to brave the weather and broadcast to a generation of listeners who were straved of good music from the more traditional UK radio broadcasters.

We already have most of the equipment we need to get the station on the air, but there are a few more things we need to ensure we deliver the best music to every listener on a 24/7 basis. This is what the money raised during this funding project will be used for, to buy the additional equipment we need to successully stream our radio shows.

We already have 7 show formats worked out, and the station will feature shows such as "The Pirate Show", a "Celtic Music" show, a show playing the best in "Live" music from the best bands chosen from their own CD's. Another show is going to be a special "Love Show" with the best romantic music, as well as 2 different themed shows - "The Golden Hour" and "The Gentle Hour".

The radio station will be all about the music - "Your Music" and the listeners input will play a major part in the music the station will play. We will even encourage you to get involved and maybe present a few songs yourself live on a show.

We have big plans to make Harvest Moon Radio a successful radio station which reaches out to everyone around the world. Please help us make the final step in the project and he fund the final phase in the launch of Harvest Moon Radio.