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Hartburn Primary School new library project

by FOHPS in Stockton On Tees, England, United Kingdom

Hartburn Primary School new library project
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Establish a dedicated area for a library. Currently school uses spaces between classrooms, effectively a wide corridors for library space

by FOHPS in Stockton On Tees, England, United Kingdom

Our Organisation: 

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are an independent, 'Friends of' registered charity, fundraising group. We are not a PTA. Our sole purpose is to raise money to benefit the pupils of Hartburn Primary School in Stockton-on-Tees.

Our ethos is to provide continued support to the school to assist in providing every child with the opportunity to fulfil their potential. To date we have been fortunate enough , following much hard work fundraising, to have funded a range of equipment such as PC's as well as substantial donations to the school to assist in the renovation of the outdoor areas including the installation of a MUGA (Multi-use Games Area) to and finances towards lighting for the school stage.

We look to fundraise throughout the year either via bids for grant or though fundraising events at school, Where possible we aim to deliver events that are an experience for families and accessible to all within our  school community so offer experiences/free events alongside our fundraising, an example of this is last years summer fair which offered free entertainment and music running alongside small cost games stalls.

We are wanting to contribute to make a difference in the lives of these children To advance their education and encourage them to engage in activities by providing facilities or equipment which support the school and enhance their educational experience and abilities.

Currently the school has just under 600 pupils. As primary school children they have a thirst for knowledge and learning and we are always looking at ways to better enhance their opportunities. The greatest foundation for all subjects has to be the ability to read.

Currently the school library is not a stand alone room it is effectively a wide corridor between classrooms, commandeered to be the school library area, with a small table and seating area alongside a few book cases. The children have limited space when working here and are often returning to busy classrooms or going to small annex areas off corridors to read.

We are aiming to establish a dedicated area for a library. A currently unused space has been identified in the playground and our aim is to erect a designated building. The planned structure is to be of a wooden fabrication, insulated with heating and electrics. The area around where the unit will be positioned it will need a reasonable amount of landscaping to integrate the new addition to the playground.

As you can imagine its hard to make plans without financial assurances hence we have been tirelessly fundraising for some time, making bids, applications and have I'm going fundraising attempts to secure sufficient funds to make this happen. We forsee that to secure £20,000 for the project overall should see it successfully off the ground, we are continually adding to our small pot and know that even once this amount is achieved our work will continue as new books and developments in education will require new resources.

A dedicated space will allow children to have greater freedom to sit and enjoy books without interruption, the library could be used as an additional classroom space and would open up further opportunities for teachers to develop children's reading abilities. With a dedicated area we would be able to increase the number and range of books in school, which currently there just isn't the space to store.

Hartburn school delivers a great ethos of responsibility and values, they believe in providing the best opportunities for everyone to achieve their potential. 

These children are our future in every sense of the wording, their potential begins now, they work so hard so they deserve our hard work to help them at school have a greater opportunity to achieve their potential.

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