Harper - Investment Application for Everyone

by Nima Sobhani in United Kingdom

Harper - Investment Application for Everyone
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Simplified investing. Bring investing capabilities to everyone. Help people make more from their money. Financial power to the people.

by Nima Sobhani in United Kingdom

Hi everyone,

I spoke to a family member sometime before I came up with and developed the "Harper" idea. 

She told me she had a considerable amount of money/savings in the Bank within an ISA earning only 1.3% interest per year?! This is normal.

Now, she along with millions of people (probably including yourself) have money in the bank, whether a savings or current account earning very little interest, whilst the banks (shareholders) use your money to make considerably larger returns on investment (20%+ for example) every time they lend your money to other consumers via loans, credit cards or other financial products!! (This is the money multiplier principle.)

Why?! Why does investing have to be for the wealthy and elite whilst normal people earn very little on their hard earned money?!

Well this is exactly what we want to change! Investing should, and can be for everyone!

Harper (Investment App) will bring simple investing to everyone. Everyone will be able to make a considerable returns from their hard earned savings, not just the outrageously low percentage (1.3% or less for example ) banks will offer you!

Please help me bring this to life and change how people view their money, savings and financial opportunities!

Full engagement and business plan will be shared with Partners, following an NDA.


Thank you,


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