Harnham slope resurrection fund

Harnham slope resurrection fund

Raising funds in order to help save and look after the only part of woodland within the city of salisbury

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Harnham slope is the only bit of woodland that is open to the public on the skirts of the salisbury city centre, located in harnham overlooking the catherdral it is a place of natural beauty but sadly not everyone sees it this way. the woods are overgrown, dence, full of litter, broken glass, scrap metal and many other items that do not belong there.

i walk and train my dogs in these woods as its on my doorstep, it covers almost 25 acres. it offers a sanctuary for many people wanting to escape the city. my goal is to clean up the litter, remove all unwanted rubbish, work with the local council to provide bins and benchs within the woods. spend time rebuilding footpaths and steps.

Funds are required to purchase tools and equipment in order to complete the work.