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To pilot a Performing Arts group for 3 months for 55's using the Person Centred Approach culminating with a public Live Performance.

by Maggie Attenborrow in Derby, England, United Kingdom

About Steps For The Future:
Steps For The Future is a small, local Derby Charity, established 2007,  supporting vulnerable adults using the   Person Centred Approach. We run a dance class, a music class and a Health & Wellbeing Club with the aims of encouraging independence and self esteem of our students. Our office is at 95 Nottingham Road, close to the City  Centre. 


We are looking to pilot a 3 month project  for older members of our community. Our aim is to build a Performing Arts group for those who may feel isolated and lonely or who just want to socialise in a friendly and exciting environment.  Steps For The Future will facilitate for their needs or requirements. We have many contacts in dance, drama, singing, poetry, etc, who we can bring in to do workshops and encourage our group to work towards a live performance at the end of the pilot. People who join the pilot will not have to pay any fees as we are hoping our Crowdfunder will cover the costs. 

At the end of the 3 month pilot, should the group members wish to continue, we will have strong evidence to go forward for further funding ( i.e. The Arts Council?). 

As a small Charity applying for funding is a very competitive and time consuming exercise, with lots of small Charities applying for the same small pot of money. A successful 3 month pilot will demonstrate the value of our Harmony Club and hopefully WIN US THE BID! 

Getting older can be good fun! - please support us to offer this to all who want to be happy, healthy and active. 

Every penny counts
Every penny counts! Any extra funds will extend the class and support other vital aspects of the Charity. This will be simple things like office supplies, t-shirts for the students, banners for events, administration, etc.

Derby Council is offering 50% match funding for a limited period, so now is the best time for us to launch! Please support us to take advantage of this.


Rewards are accumulative - so if you donate £500 you will receive the £1, £10, £25 and £500 rewards.

Everyone who donates £1 (or over) will receive access to an uncut full recording of the final performance by Harmony.

Everyone who donates £10 (or over) will be entered into our 1st prize draw.
*Each donor is only entered once - irrespective of larger or multiple donations.


Everyone who donates £25 (or over) will get a thank you on our website and will be entered into the 2nd Prize Draw!

Very charitable donations of £50 (or over) will receive a Steps For The Future t-shirt as well as be entered into the 3rd Prize Draw


Extremely generous donors giving £500 (or over) will be offered a free performance if they are inside Derbyshire - perfect for AGMs and conferences. Alternatively we will send you an extra Steps For The Future t-shirt. They will also be entered into a 4th Prize Draw!

How you can reach us:
Thank you for reading. We also have a Facebook and Twitter if you are interested as well as our website. Be in with the in-crowd!

It would be a tragedy if we don't reach our goal!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Full uncut recording

Everybody who donates will receive access to a full recording of the final Harmony Performance!

£10 or more

1st Prize Draw!

These donors of £10 (or more) will be entered into the 1st prize draw to gain one of our lovely prizes! *Each donor is only entered once - irrespective of larger or multiple donations. You also will still have access to full uncut recordings.

£25 or more

Friendship and 2nd prize draw!

Everyone who donates £25 or more will get a thank you on the Friendships page of our website as well as £1 and £10 tier rewards! They will also be entered into the 2nd Prize Draw!

£50 or more

SFTF t-shirt and 3rd Prize Draw

These donors not only get entered into the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize draws and have access to full recordings, but they also receive a Steps For The Future t-shirt!

£500 or more

Performance (within Derbyshire) or t-shirt

With this generous donation of £500 we will run a free performance for donors within Derbyshire - perfect for AGMs, conferences, ect. Alternatively, we will send you an extra Steps For The Future t-shirt. All donors will also be entered into the 3rd Prize Draw! *Either way you are still entered into the other prize draws and receive access to full recordings as well as your t-shirt!

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