Harmonious Creations Therapy

by Mikki Heslop in Coven, England, United Kingdom


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To create a safe therapeutic environment using play and creativity to help change the lives of young individuals in need.

by Mikki Heslop in Coven, England, United Kingdom



HELLO! I'm Mikki, I am a Therapist and Artist.

I need your help to get my business up and running! How could you help?

Your investment will help the creation of a safe, therapeutic environment that children and young people can access. 'Harmonious Creations Therapies' aim is to develop a space with therapy rooms to provide play therapy sessions to children and young people, aged 4-16. 

The facility will provide private therapy rooms and a practical working space where workshop can be delivered. This space will also be used by fellow local artists to create and display their work.

Income will be gained through the referral of children and young people from organisations within our community, such as schools and charities. This will be supported by retailing artwork. 

Why do some children need therapy and Why Play Therapy?


is the perfect way for children to express themselves freely. During times of stress, such as recalling traumatic events, the verbal centre of the brain can shut down. Therefore children do not always have a verbal language to draw on.

This is where Play Therapy comes into action, as toys and creativity become their means of communication.

I believe that such children have lost the ability to play and this can therefore mean that critical stages of development can be missed. 


Children may have witnessed or been subject to trauma.  Reasons for a child requiring therapy could be: attachment disorder, bereavement, loss or a family breakdown, anxiety, lack of self esteem, neglect, abuse (physical, sexual, emotional and domestic), illnesses either self or others (commonly a family member). Such experiences can result in a child having nightmares, becoming withdrawn, having behavioural difficulties, anger, poor social skills, depression, self harm and suicidal thoughts. 

Therefore, Play Therapy responds to the unique developmental needs of children. The therapist uses play and other creative activities to communicate with the child and observe how the child uses these activities to express thoughts and feelings that are not being expressed in words. These thoughts and feelings can be conscious or unconscious and the use of a metaphor allows the child to process an issue without it being personally attached.


  • 150 children a day in the UK are being denied the help that they need.
  • Figures released by NHS Trusts following a Freedom of Information request by the NSPCC showed that 17% of all referrals to Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) were rejected between 2015 and 2017.
  • More than 100,000 children have been rejected for mental health treatment by NHS Trusts after being referred in the last two years.

Source: [https://news.sky.com/story/children-being-denied-mental-health-treatment-11120411- 12.11.17]

In Wolverhampton, Play Therapy UK (PTUK) statistics shows that:

The number of children in need of therapy is 8428, this works out to 82,343 sessions.

Wolverhampton has 90 registered play therapists. 

Statistically, this means that many children and young people will not get a chance to access this intervention as there is an overwhelming number of individuals in need, comparative to the number of play therapists available. 

                      Play can help the holistic child with:


Outcomes of Play Therapy may be seen as:

  • Implement coping strategies for difficult experiences and feelings
  • Reduce fear, anxiety and anger episodes
  • Developing independent and creative thinking
  • Improving social skills
  • Improving their ability to have better quality, positive relationships
  • Have more confidence in expressing thoughts and feelings
  • Less withdrawn
  • Increased capacity to regulate their own behaviours
  • Improve self-esteem and sense of self worth
  • Improve concentration
  • Help the overall development of the child or young person


Client comments and feedback:


“Michaela is a very efficient and dedicated to her therapy role”

“Michaela demonstrates the qualities of an excellent Play Therapist.  She has not been afraid to challenge the organisation when she has felt that it was in the best interests of the client and clearly works through things with her supervisor in an effective way.  She is warm and empathic and this comes across in her work with clients. She also demonstrates a high level of commitment to her client work.”


"Thank you for not judging me and making me feel comfortable to talk to you"

A well as therapy...

Art has been a well-being element within my life. It allows me to switch off from the real world and also helps me to relax. I would like to have a practical workplace. I can continue to do this and also deliver workshops so that others can experience this therapeutic resource, whilst learning new skills. 

This compliments my play therapy as art is known to have a power of healing. It can increase self esteem, self-expression, mental stimulation whilst assisting with stress reduction.

                                         MY ART! 

Resin art and ink work: 

Below are images of my creations. Using objects (such as dried flowers, feathers and LED lights) and encasing them within the resin. As well as objects I use different coloured inks within the resin or onto ceramic tiles. 




Resin art is my main medium, however I have experience with felt, paint, decoupage and card/paper art. I like to pass these skills on to others in a space that is enjoyable and relaxing. 

Extra money raised.....

Having set up my base for Harmonious Creations, any extra money raised will enable me to gain further accreditations and continue my professional development. This means I can work with a wider range of individuals. My aim is to further qualify to work with families and young people and adult counselling. It will also support purchasing equipment and developing the space I occupy.

Further aspirations for my business will be to expand the therapies and therapists in a collaborative environment.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my project. 


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Let's make 'Harmonious Creations Therapy' happen

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