Harley’s Chemotherapy

by Charlotte Turnbull in Aylesbury, England, United Kingdom

Harley’s Chemotherapy


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I’m so young my family didn’t think anything major would happen like this therefor I don’t have insurance and the treatment is so expensive

by Charlotte Turnbull in Aylesbury, England, United Kingdom

Hey my name is Harley. I am 7 months old. I have Lymphoma. A couple of months ago I became poorly and had to go to the vets because I kept coughing. We came away with medication for a chest infection. A couple of days later I struggled to swallow my tablet, I spat it out and couldn’t breathe. I was very scared and all I could see was mummy crying and panicking. She rushed me to the vets where they put me into an oxygen chamber in intensive care. They did a chest X-ray and found a large tumour on my chest which was pushing my windpipe up which was causing me breathing problems. They called my family to let them know the news. Mummy was at home waiting by the phone. When our amazing vet Anne broke the news to my mum she burst into tears. She very quickly got in the car to come and see me but I had just come around from the ketamine I had been given and I freaked out, I ripped out the needle in my paw and was trying to get away. I didn’t know what was going on and I was scared. So when mummy got here to see me I was covered in blood and so was Anne and the other nurses. As soon as I saw mummy I sat right up, my eyes beaming. She welled up with tears. I’m the apple of her eye and it broke her heart to finally know what I have been going through. Anne took a sample of the tumour and sent it off. It came back a few days later as lymphoma. I’m on a treatment plan but unfortunately have no insurance and it is very expensive but my family say I’m worth it. If anyone could help at all we would be very grateful. I want to fight this and I need all the support I can get.

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