Haq B - A Revolution in Ablution

by Haq Beauty in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Haq B - A Revolution in Ablution
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To launch a product that will revolutionize the Muslim beauty industry with the availability of a wudu compliant nail laquer

by Haq Beauty in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

The vision is to launch a water permeable nail polish to allow practicing Muslims to exercise a choice to wear nail polish without compromising their faith.

The money will be used to launch a collection of nail laquers that are halal certified so that people may have confidence in knowing that the product is free from animal cruelty and contains ingredients that comply with religious beliefs. 

Nail polish is a much debated topic in the Muslim community.  Whilst there is nothing intrinsically wrong with wearing nail polish, the real issue is that this substance forms an impermeable barrier over the nails preventing water from getting underneath and therefore would render an ablution ineffective without first removing the nail polish.  This has resulted in many practising Muslim’s to avoid the application of nail polish.

Further, it should be noted that the market extends to the ethical consumer seeking a product with is chemical and cruelty free. 

A nail polish formula of this specification should appeal to those seeking healthy nail care benefits.  The product is described as 'breathable' therefore allowing oxygen and water through the enamel to encourage healthy nail growth. 

The product is a breathable and free of 7 chemicals found in regular nail polish. In other words it means the natural philosophy of your nails is respected as water and air pass through and it does not contain Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Triphenyl Phosphate and Xylene


Striking a balance between faith and beauty can be tricky for Muslim women. Many fear that mainstream cosmetic products might contain alcohol or by-products derived from animals forbidden by Islam.

Haq B is a brand to be positioned firmly on the cosmetics market as a company that is aimed at the conscientious Muslim consumer. We want the name Haq B to become immediately identifiable with halal cosmetics. 

In Islam, Muslims pray five times per day, and in order to do this, before anything, they need to prepare themselves. This is where they perform their ablution to clean themselves of any chemicals, alcohol and dirt.

In the beauty industry, there are a lot of products out there that consist of alcohol and chemicals. This would require Muslims to remove everything before praying - however, with halal beauty, it is safe for them to perform prayers even with these products on.

Haq B products are halal certified which reassures Muslim consumers that the products they use are natural, pure and hygienically manufactured, and animal-cruelty free.

The Brand

The intention is to create a strong and striking brand that will appeal to the target market.

When people generally think of women in Islam the image of hidden faces in long black abayas spring to mind.  People often associate Muslim women as oppressed and characterless.

The name Haq has been specifically chosen as it translate from Arabic to mean ‘right and reality’.  The name signifies that it your right to make a choice to beautify yourself, if you so desire, with a product that complies with faith.

The website – www.haq-b.com has been designed to educate the consumer of the science behind the product as well as appeal to the consumer looking for a brand that denotes luxury and relevance to the target market. 

The black panthers represent women in black abayas who are strong and unified by faith and are free to make choices to express their identity.

The finished product will be encapsulated in a quality glass bottle with a wide brush and gold cap. The amount of product will be at a generous 12ml.

Revolution in Ablution

Our product features a breakthrough oxygen resin-complex with advanced oxygen technology. It creates a non occlusive film that is both permeable to air and water and highly adherent to the nail.

Haq B nail polishes ensures a long lasting gloss and anti-fading colour. The application is incredibly easy, for a flawless even colour result. 

The special formula allows permeability  which in turn allows moisture and oxygen to make contact with the fingernails after the nail polish has been applied. All our lacquers fulfill tests for water permeability performed in a controlled laboratory environments and are halal certified by the World Halal Authority.


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