Happy Bucket - Launching yourself into the unknown

by Happy Bucket in Walsall, England, United Kingdom

Happy Bucket - Launching yourself into the unknown


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A wellness subscription platform and box trying to help people spread happiness and make small changes in their lives for big differences.

by Happy Bucket in Walsall, England, United Kingdom

                                             The Business Idea                   

Happy Bucket is a subscription platform and service based upon one goal; to try and help bring a little more positivity to everyone's daily life. We are both a website and app, as well as a monthly subscription box to, simply put, inspire a change in people's lives. Our goal is to give people tools to try and put a smile on their face. The website and app have multiple features that are geared towards helping make your daily life just that little bit easier. Everyone has the ability to be the best they can, but sometimes, you just need a push to help you get there. It is easy to forget, in times of struggle, your own self-worth and value. We want to make sure that you remember these and how important you are to the world around you.                      

                                                          Our Story

Launch yourself into the unknown. That is the motto of Happy Bucket and we truly believe that this is how people should experience their lives. Back in January 2019, we started Happy Bucket as a team made up of three students, to try and make a difference in the world. We were all connected by one thing- trying to help people. We all understood that many people struggle to sometimes find the happiness in their life and we should strive to help people make small changes in their life to lead to big differences. No one should made to feel alone in their battles. We're all on this planet together and need to help each other get through our own personal struggles. Since January 2019, the three of us have taken time to learn how to code both a website and app, researched the best ways to help make people feel just that little bit happier and created a business plan. Happy Bucket is simply, a platform to help people.

The Facts

We understand how many people suffer in silence with their mental health issues and we are here to show them that their are simple things that can help make them feel just that little bit more positive.

                                                       Platform Features

Both our website and app contain a multitude of features that are all tailored to both help you spread and feel positivity and talk about your feelings. The platform is also predominantly based towards astronomy. Scattered throughout the platform is real information and facts about the universe around us, for example the astronomy of the month feature we have. This is a way to understand the world and galaxy around you, and how you should live every moment to the fullest. It is also a way for the platform to be universally appealing and feel more like a game than a mental health platform. This is to make it feel less intrusive and unwelcoming. We want it to feel friendly and easy to use, so that we can truly help you to feel more positive.

Send me into orbit

While we spent time learning and researching on what helps people feel happier and more inspired, we found that one of the main things was helping people. When helping others, people feel more content as they are able to understand the difference they can make on the world around them. Send me into orbit was a feature to help people do this. If you are feeling down or even just need to vent, you can anonymously send out your feelings into 'orbit' . Then any other user can see this message and anonymously reply giving their thoughts and advice. This way people can feel happiness from both helping another and receiving kindness from a stranger.



Missions are a way to set yourself achievable goals so that you feel your growth through time. We understand that sometimes people stagnate and struggle to feel productive. Missions is a tool to help you understand and write your goals, whether or big or small, so that you know what you need to do to feel fulfilled.


Groups are a way to help share your happiness and productivity with friends. It's a way to all share the moments in your life that make you smile with the people that make you smile. You also have achievements to complete within your group as a way to work together to improve your teamwork, as well as make fond memories!


You can draw wisdom from many different places. Around the world, many people have many views on how to feel happier and more fulfilled. Discover features many different quotes and ideas on how to do this, so that you can draw happiness from many different places.


Daily Tasks

Daily tasks help make changes in your life on a much smaller scale. It's the little things that count, and through daily tasks you can set yourself mini tasks to complete through the day. Little changes lead to big differences and this tool help you introduce this into your own life.


Achievements are a way to understand your progress and feel fulfilled with the tasks that you are completing. It helps you understand that you are truly capable of anything and how the only thing you are limited by is yourself. The universe is yours to explore!


Happy Bucket provides with many other tools to help you feel more happy and fulfilled, as well as stay motivated. You are given small mini-games and timers to help keep you staying focused and more fulfilled.


Happy Bucket includes all these features and more as a way to help you broaden your horizon and truly attempt to make changes to your lifestyle.

                                                      Subscription Box

Alongside the subscription platform, we also provide a more physical way to help inspire change in your daily life. The Happy Bucket subscription box contains multiple items to help make a big difference in your life. From seeds for plants, to help you connect and understand the process of growth, to multiple worksheets that help you understand yourself and therefore grow, the Happy Bucket is a way to try and learn more about yourself and let out any feelings, you have been bottling up                                                              1594952196_uiuuiuiu_(3).jpg

The Happy Bucket is a way to challenge both your inspiration and creativity, and hopefully help you make small changes in your daily life! It really is the small things that cause the biggest differences, so the Happy Bucket subscription box is a way to channel this.


We at Happy Bucket also understand that mental health is also an issue in the youth of today.We know these problems do not discriminate and can affect anyone of any age. Exam stress and school hardships are real and we should treat them this way. The next generation should feel motivated and inspired during these years and we at Happy Bucket want to try our best to make sure that they have some tools to help them with this. We are looking to create a school package for kids, starting from the age of 10 to help them understand their feelings and remove this stigma of bottling up and holding in your emotions. It is our responsibility to look after these children and each deserves support to make sure they are living a happy childhood. School should be an escape for them to experience a world, not a burden upon themselves. The children are the future and we want to look forward to a future of good-will and happiness. We at Happy Bucket will try to enrich partners schools with as many different experiences as possible as a way for students to learn about the beauty of life, and how best to keep themselves feeling happy within.

                                                 Key Info

What will the funding be used for?

Half of the funding will be used on marketing and advertising purposes. Our goal is to help people as many people as possible, so this half will be very useful in making sure a wide variety of people are aware of the tools we provide. The other half will be mainly used on paying for servers and trademarking fees as well as the content inside the subscription boxes. This will be so that all subscribers receive the highest quality of items and get value for their money.

What is the price of subscribing? 

At launch we are planning to offer two subscriptions plans: the platform or the platform and subscription box. These will be offered at two different price points- the platform itself will be £9.99, while the platform and box will be £19.99.

When are you launching?

Currently Happy Bucket is in the final stages of development, however Launch Date is currently scheduled to be the 24th of August 2020.

How can I learn more?

There are many options to contact us to learn more about Happy Bucket!

  • Email: contact@happy-bucket.co.uk
  • Instagram: @happybucketorg
  • Twitter: @happybucketorg

We would be happy to answer questions you would like to ask about our project. We truly believe through small changes,we can make a big difference on the world and help people all over the world make positive impacts on their own lives. 

Thank you!


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