Happiness Car

To make people feel good, as I drive around in my happiness car and deliver happiness gifts, happiness activity and free smiles

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

As Confident Queen, my aim is to help make the world a happier place by driving around in our happiness car and delivering happiness feel good cars, Gift of happiness box with special items to make you happier,  Happiness awards and certificates to bring a smile to people's faces.

Myself and the   eam of happy people from the Happiness Project Kent and Confident children project aim to make a promotional video singing and dancing to our Happiness song as well as featuring our car.

The Happiness car will be decorated with smiley faces and other art depicting happiness thanks to the kindness of one of our supporters Chris Millin. We will also have a happiness tent which we can pitch anywhere so that we can run some happiness and laughter sessions, as well as sell things from our mobile happiness store.

We will work with our current bank of organisations involved in helping us promote happiness and well being.

Benefits of supporting us get our happiness car

Your will be associated in this innovative a pioneering way of spreading happiness driving around in our happiness car and this will be part of your social responsibility policy.

Your details will be included in our special promotional brochure to mark the launch of our happiness car which will be sent to various press organisations.

You will be awarded a happiness certificate and a letter of thanks in appreciation of your contributions

We will send you photographs of the launch including the car

Your details will be included in our special Happiness blog, and you will be acknowledge on our happiness group on face book

You will be invited to come and take picture with our happiness car

20% discount in all our courses and associated products for a year