Happiness Camp

Happiness Camp

Happiness is the goal of all other goals yet many people are unhappy. Our aim is to create a retreat where people learn to create happiness

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Happiness is the goal of all other goals.

However happiness seems to be in very short supply.

Our aim is to create a retreat where people can go to learn how to create lasting happiness.

Groups can stay over for 2, 3 or 5 day retreats.

On these retreat there will be group work and workshops about all types of ways to create happiness.

These will include:

  • Contagious laughter workshops
  • Learning the power of gratitude
  • Play rediculous games 
  • Learn about the importance of exercise on happiness
  • Meditation
  • Learn how to create what you want in life
  • Build a happy daily routine
  • Learn to "dance in the rain"

How would the retreat benefit people:

  • Show them the path to happiness
  • Create great memories with friends
  • Learn to challenge themeselves to create more happinesss
  • Understand life on a deeper level

What you will do on a retreat:

  • Make new friends 
  • Hightlight what makes you happy and how to create more of that
  • Play fun games
  • Learn a daily routine of happiness

People will make new friends or create stronger bonds with existing friends.

By the end of the retreat people will have created a plan on how they are going to take happiness forward into their lives and make others happy too.

I want build something I am truely proud of. I too want happiness and this is not about money it, it is about creating something that will help many people to truely enjoy life more. I want to look back in years to come and know I've created something wonderful.

If you could help me do this I would be truely grateful.