Denmark: Happiness and where you can find it

by Oliver Storm Williams in Poole, England, United Kingdom

Denmark: Happiness and where you can find it
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The aim of my documentary is to explore happiness in Denmark and how we could adopt aspects of their culture into ours to increase happiness

by Oliver Storm Williams in Poole, England, United Kingdom

My documentary’s is to explore how one of the worlds highest tax paying countries remain one the of the happiest nations in the world (ranked second after Finland).  My plan is to travel from the south of Denmark to the north across to the Islands Copenhagen is situated on called Zealand, East of mainland Denmark. 

I plan to interview people from the different regions to gain an insight into why the Danes are happy and whether there is a difference depending on which regions of Denmark you live in.  I conceptually want to understand from looking at the Danish culture if it is possible to bring aspects of Danish life into the English society and whether this could have an impact on happiness in England which is currently ranked position 15 out of 156 countries surveyed.  I will explain the concept ‘hygge’ which is a Danish term that describes so much more than what it loosely translates into in English ‘cosy’ but a better definition of 'hygge' is ‘intentional intimacy’, which can happen when you have safe, balanced and harmonious shared experiences and even the Oxford dictionary added the word in June 2017 and it refers to high-quality social interactions. 

I plan to explore more than the objective measures of what defines happiness which are objective indicators  (data on crime, income, civic engagement and health) and  delve into peoples moods particularly looking at seasonal depression as this appears to be a relatively common issue in not only Denmark but the Scandinavian countries but does not seem to affect their perceived happiness.


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