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We aim to raise sufficient funding for our Short film adaptation of the classic brothers Grimm take 'Hansel and Gretel'.

by Hansel and Gretel-1984films in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Hello, thank you all for taking the time in checking out our CrowdFunder page.

Basis of our project.

We’ve all heard the classic Grimms tale Hansel and Gretel. But never like this before! In our short film it is our ambition to give a dark twist on the classic tale. Taking it away from the child friendly bed time story format and bringing it back to its Grim and creepy routes. When Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm first published “Hänsel und Grethel” it was deemed unsuitable for children. And understandably so, considering it tells the tale of a cannibalistic witch with a sweet tooth for children’s flesh! We aim to recapture the stories routes in all its appalling glory for our short fantasy film.

The Story.

In 19th century England, young Hansel and Gretel Live in the country with their Father and bedridden mother. The family struggle to survive and finding food is becoming harder and harder as the days go by. Until one day, the young and head strong Hansel, convinces his sister to help him scavenge for food (despite his father’s orders to not leave the house on their own). The two children are then drawn to the home of a beautiful and mysterious women who serenades them with songs and feeds them a hearty meal. However, little do the children know, that the mysterious women is actually a witch who plans on eating them! It’s now up to Gretel to save herself and her brother from the evil grip of the cannibalistic witch and return home to her parents with her brother still in one peice!

Why do we need funding?

As 2nd year students, studying film production for the University of Salford, Media City UK, we are aiming to make a short film to enter into film competitions and festivals across the UK and Europe for the summer of 2018, with potential further ambitions for our film. As representatives of Salford University we are a young, ambitious, eager and profession crew with passion and commitment towards seeing out our vision.  Although are status as second year students gives us access to top of the range filming equipment, we do need funding for other variables  that will enhance the quality of our film. And any help you could provide will improve our chances of making the best possible film we can.

Any money donated to us through crowd funding will be spent on factors such as:

- Location Hire & Set Design

In order to achieve the stylistic aesthetic we're aspiring for, suitable locations and props for the set design will play a key factor in accomplishing our goal. This is where we will make use of most of the funds, as this is something we consider of great importance.

 - Professional Cast

Professional acting is imperative to filmmaking. Quality actors have the ability to truly bring your story to life. By achieving our funding goals, we have a much greater opportunity to delve into the realms of finding the perfect cast for our film.

Travel Expenses

As we are planning on filming in the country side, traveling to and from our locations will be a difficult task due to our combined cast and crew making up nearly 20 people. Traveling will be made immensely easier for the cast and crew with the right funding within our budget. Due to us all living in the city of Manchester, without travel expenses to get us to the country side, the film simply cannot be made.

In the remarkable situation of us exceeding our goal on CrowdFunder, the additional funding will contribute towards distribution and marketing costs.

Why help us?

We hope that we can provide you with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, knowing that you have played a part in the making of our film. Whether a big or small contribution, every penny will count and our gratitude will have no bounds in appreciation for your help.

However, if you're feeling especially generous, we have a selection of goodies and potential opportunities, such as visiting the set during production, that we are more than happy to offer you. It's the least we can do to show our appreciation for your generosity. Feel free to take a look at our offers and make any donation large or small.

Thank you for your time, your support will truly go a long way.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

A personal thank you from the crew.

You'll receive a personal thank you from our team on our Facebook page and within the end credits of the film

£10 or more

You will receive a digital download of the film.

You will receive a digital download of the film. As well as a personal thank you on our facebook page and during the end credits of the film.

£25 or more

A digital download and an on set photograph

You will receive a personal thank you on our Facebook page and in the end credits of our film. A digital download of our film. And a signed 'on-set' photograph from a member of the cast!

£50 or more

A digital soundtrack

If you pledge £50 you will receive, a personal thank you from on our Facebook page and during our end credits, A digital download of the film, A digital download of the soundtrack and a signed 'on-set' photo of the cast.

£100 or more

Exclusive Pre Production Art design

If you donate £100 you will receive exclusive pre-production Art design - A digital download of the film -a digital download of the soundtrack -A signed 'on-set photograph of the cast - A personal thank you on our Facebook page and during our end credits

£200 or more

Congratulations! Your an executive producer!

If you donate £200 pound, thank you very much you generous soul! you will receive an official credit as 'Executive Producer' at the beginning of our end credits. In addition to this you will be invited on set during production for a meet and great with the cast and crew and exclusive behind the scenes insight into our film. in addition to - -A signed photo from the cast -A digital download of the film -A digital download of the soundtrack.

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